McDonald's releases 'Pita Mak' packed with ingredients

From Friday, August 4, "Pita Mak Tandoori Chicken · Tomato" and "Pita Mak Tandoori Chicken" are released at McDonald's nationwide. At the same time, it seems that campaigns will be deployed throughout the country as well.

Details are as follows.
From Friday, August 4, we will release a new menu "Pita Mack" for a limited time only.

"Pita Mak Tandoori Chicken Tomato" "Pita Mak Tandoori Chicken" packed an appetizing spicy Tandoori chicken in a dusty pita bread steamed with steamed fresh lettuce and tomato. It is a new menu that can be enjoyed with a sour cream of refreshing acidity, with light volume even in hot summer.

Continuing from the last salad Mac, it seems to develop a menu of healthy lines. In addition, we launched a campaign where "Pita Mack Cars" to show off Pita Mak in Japan before the launch will be operated. The content of the campaign and the schedule of the Pita Mack carDedicated siteIt is announced in.

"Pita Mack Car" of Pita Mak's campaign car is planning to pack the "famous products" of that area in the pita bread as it goes around the whole country, with the theme of "journey packing Japanese 'delicious' I will report the pattern on the WEB site.

Is Osaka Takoyaki?

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