Morning Mac muffin new menu "Salad Marinated Muffin" Tasting Review

The morning breakfast menu "Morning Mack" which is held at McDonald's until 10:30 am has light menus for breakfast, including Mac griddle and muffins. From Monday, 15th December, "Salad Marinated Muffin" was added as a new menu, so I went to McDonalds from morning and bought it.

Review from below.
Salad Marinated Muffin | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

I bought it.

It seems to be simple packaging.

Muffins are sliding. Only one sausage muffin pattern has become, but the contents were properly salad marinated muffin.

For a moment, it looks like bacon and lettuce, but the inside is properly salad marinated.

The flavor of the dressing is refreshing and has a light finish easy to eat from the morning. Moreover, it is likable to supplement well with the cheese and bacon well where the volume is insufficient. However, the amount of vegetables is less than I thought. Even just putting one tomato slice seems to change pretty impressions.

The flier that was in was "QUARTER POUNDER". For 3 days only from December 23rd to 25th,Midosuji shogunate cho storeIt is said that sales will be carried out at.

By the way, I will report the state of the day in the following article.

People waiting for "Quarter Pounder" to be released for three days at McDonald's Midosuji Shogun Town store - GIGAZINE

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