I have eaten 5 items of Burger King's Morning Menu

recent yearspancakeThere are more stores sticking to breakfast that offer such as,Beef Bowl ChainYaMcDonald'sFast food chain shops such as, are also putting emphasis on breakfast. Burger King is also losing and the Morning Menu has been renewed since Friday, April 25, and we sell 5 kinds of new products. We developed a germ buns for the burger for breakfast, so it was a big revision of the menu so I went to the store at once.

Burger King Refresh Morning Menu! "BK MORNING" All seven types are released on Friday, April 25!

Arrived at Burger King.

Appeal the morning menu at the store.

Although I saw them side by side at the cash register, I could not find a morning menu ......

There was a menu beside the cashier. There are seven types of burger classes in the morning time zone, but this time I will ask for five new types. There is no hash brown on the set menu, and the price range for drinks and burgers was between 290 yen and 450 yen including tax.

It seems that hamburgers are not cooked, so we will wait to eat Colby Jack Snack Salad with Caesar (300 yen for single item tax, 150 yen for tax with addition to Morning Set) until reception.

It contains yellow and red paprika · lettuce · purple cabbage and so on and it is quite a lot of items of vegetables to be offered at fast food restaurants, so it is recommended for those who care about health. Dressing was slightly greasy for breakfast.

Wait 5 minutes in the new menuMorning burger(200 yen including tax, set tax included 290 yen) ·Spam & Cheese(260 yen including tax, set tax included 350 yen)Bolognese Burger(260 yen including tax · 350 yen including tax) ·BLT Burger(260 yen including tax, set tax included 350 yen)Beef Ham Sand(310 yen including tax, set tax included 410 yen) arrived.

Take it out from the wrapping paper and see it side by side.

Morning burger is a morning specification hamburger sandwiched between direct flame beef patty, cheddar cheese, pickles, mustard and ketchup in embryo buns which topped the embryo on top of the buns.

The inside is a cheeseburger going the royal road.

Trying it off, the flavorful beef patty and ketchup and pickles combination of direct flame is the taste of royal road hamburger. The embryo buns are slightly sweet, fragrant and light, and it seems to be suitable for breakfast.

Spam & cheese sand spam, tomato, cheddar cheese, lettuce and pickles to the germ buns and mayonnaise with seasoning.

The beef patties are not sandwiched between them and seem to have more vegetables.

When I tried it, there was no weight like a hamburger, a breakfasty hamburger than I can eat with salad sense. It seems that spam is somewhat weak compared to beef patty, but I feel that it is just about this for breakfast.

Bolognese Burger also uses embryo buns, burger with meat sausage, slice onion, beef patties sliced ​​using tomato and red wine in round shape.

Taking the upper buns, I felt that there were a lot of sliced ​​onions.

The quality of meat sauce is McDonald'sMeat sauce burgerIt is high, firmly feel the taste and richness of the meat, it feels good with beef patty. However, sliced ​​onion is rather spicy, so it may be better to have people you dislike pull.

BLT Burger is a hamburger with no beef patty with lettuce, purple cabbage, tomato, pickles, red and yellow paprika, bacon and cheese in germ buns.

Taking the upper buns, the vegetables are quite colorful.

Ham · cheese has a taste to a certain extent, but vegetables are finished in plentiful salad sense hamburgers, perfect for the morning. It may be close to the feeling of eating a sandwich with vegetables rather than a hamburger because there is less meat.

Beef Ham Sand is a sandwich consisting of sliced ​​beef, tomato, sliced ​​onion, cheese and mayonnaise with a thickness of about 1 mm in a horizontally long rye bun.

Rye buns are baked heavily and sliced ​​beef is quite large.

When trying to eat it is good compatibility with mayonnaise and sliced ​​beef and it is finished to make it easy to eat lightly like breakfast. People who do not like hamburgers may be nice as they do not have pickles.

Both menus are basically provided until 10:30. It is recommended because you can choose various menus such as hamburgers with plenty of vegetables.

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