Virtual PC software "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004" free

Software for creating virtual PC on Windows "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004"How free it is. There is no such thing as demo version or limited time limit, it is genuine, free. It is said that you can use software that charges around 14,000 yen for free.

Download from below.
Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

To be precise, "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1" is free.

Download from here (18.1 MB)

Also, it seems that we plan to offer "Virtual PC 2007" free of charge when Windows Vista comes out in 2007.

What is "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004" in the first place? People who refer to the explanation page below.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Product Overview

After installing "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004", it seems necessary to apply the following patch. I downloaded "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1" and it is included with it.

In Virtual PC 2004 and in Virtual PC 2004, any virtual machine may stop responding after the computer resumes from hibernation.

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