Where is the woman concerned with her figure?

It seems to be overwhelmingly "lower abdomen".

This is based on a survey by Trump International and details are as follows.Trimp International releases "Inner Bottom" Speed ​​Shaper "that creates an ideal constriction

Shock questionnaire results

Next to 71.1% in the lower abdomen, women are concerned about their physical form in order of 62% of thighs, 52.4% of hips and 50.1% of busts.

Because I've been wearing a shallow bottom of the rise which is the outer trend of the past few years, even if I am thin, it is in the form of a cylinder, the extra fat is attached to the side of the waist, the lower abdomen is out of sight, And women who are concerned about the collapse of the waist and lower abdomen are increasing.

Was there such a harmful effect in that fashion?

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