Seagate develops technology that makes hard disk capacity about 10 times larger

This seems that the 1.8 inch HDD will be 600 GB, the 2.5 inch HDD will be 1.46 TB, and the 3.5 inch HDD will be 7.5 TB.

Details are as follows.
Make way for the terabyte laptop drive

In order to solve the problem caused by conventional heat, special lubricant was developed and already patented. This seems to have succeeded in further breaking the limit of "HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording)" technology.

Seagate has not mentioned yet when the HDD that adopted this new technology will come out. I wonder if it will come out this year. Anyhow, with this, even on notebook computers, the day we can install a terabyte-class HDD normally is near. On the contrary RAID can also be done ....

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