Welfare welfare service for SMEs and individual business owners "Yahoo! Benefits"

The application acceptance is from July 6, 2006, and services that can benefit from the contract facilities and services all over the country provided by Benefit · One from 315 yen including tax per month per employee. Because it seems that all the contract and payment of the service are completed on the web, it may be most suitable for companies that think that they want to manage welfare benefits.

Detailed contents and fees are as follows.
Yahoo! Benefits

Yahoo! Benefits - Yahoo! Welfare

Approximately 15,000 facilities and services are available in total.

Yahoo! Benefits - available facilities and services

There are two kinds of fee structure. Initial cost is free for both.

· Standard course (A course)
315 yen (tax included) / person
Approximately 4,100 accommodations
Discount rate discount rate 10 - 30% discount
Other (as of April 1, 2006)
· Famous hotels in Tokyo
Usually 15,000 yen → 10,000 yen
· Famous fitness chain facilities usage fee
Once 2,100 yen

· Gold Course (B Course)
840 yen (tax included) / person
Approximately 5,300 accommodations
Accommodation discount rate 30 to 70% discount
Other (as of April 1, 2006)
· Famous hotels in Tokyo
Usually 15,000 yen → 8,000 yen
· Famous fitness chain facilities usage fee
One time 1,050 yen

In addition to employees, relatives within 2 parents and so on will also be applied. As we can also manage the number of uses, we can also check the measurement of how effective it is. If it seems not to be used much, it will be stopped immediately.

Can you find out more about facilities that can be used by requesting information from Benefit · One of the service provider?

Benefit One

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