Movable Type 3.3 Japanese version officially released

The Japanese version of Movable Type 3.3 has been officially released. However, there was a leak in some of the packages distributed before 22:19 of last night, so in that case it seems to want to download again.

Details are as follows,
Six Apart - Movable Type News: Movable Type 3.3 official release

Six Apart - Movable Type News: Apology: Please re-download

Six Apart - Public relations blog: Thank you for waiting. Movable Type 3.3 released

The plug-in that is bundled this time is as follows.

Six Apart - Movable Type plug-in

For details of additional functions etc. see previous article.

GIGAZINE - "Movable Type 3. 3 Japanese version" will be available from Japan on June 27, 2006 (Tue)

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