Building version of "Million · Dollar · Homepage" appeared

"Million · Dollar · Homepage"Is an extremely famous real site that sold page space with 1 pixel 1 dollar, sold 1 million pixels and earned 1 million dollars.

Inspired by this, it seems that he intends to try the same thing with a real building in Amsterdam. Units are not pixels, but now are "tiles".

Details of the price etc. are as follows.
Artvertising !!!

The size of one tile is 29 × 35 cm, one piece is 19.99 euros (approximately 2900 yen). There is a minimum purchase number for each area, from the bottom one from the 20 in the middle, and from the bottom to the top which can be seen well from here and there are at least 50 ones. The period during which the tiles can be affixed to the building is one month.

The tiles look like this

By the way, the first mentioned "Million Dollar Homepage" is said to be a topic of success and many sites that aim for the second loach on the Internet are appearing.

Students who earn 1 million dollars on "Web billboards"

Well, this time it is a building, will it succeed? Although it seems to be a conspicuous building from the surroundings, it seems to be conspicuous from the surroundings, but unlike the net it can not expect access from all over the world and it does not mean that the effect of rising page rank is honored, so it feels subtle, but ... how is it I guess.

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