When you try to arrange one billion dollars with 100 dollar banknotes actually

Even if it is said to be 1 billion dollars (about 90 billion yen), there are pictures in which 1 billion dollars are actually arranged as art as though it is not about how much they actually are about to hear it in news etc. That's right. If you look at this, you can see how huge the amount of one billion dollars is and how easy it is to realize how great it is when you see the amount of debt of the country or the damage of the company in the news.

Pictures are as follows.
1/6 (artmarcovici)

This is a billion dollars.

It is not a story like a bed in a bundle.

Looking like this when it is near. There are variously discolored banknotes, and it is clear that it is real.

It is amazing even in the middle of stacking up.

2009/01/20 15:25 Addendum
It is a suggestion from a reader that it is a miniature from the title, but it seems that it does not specify wherever you looked for on the page. It is concept art so it may be better not to think about it finely.

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