Extreme Ultra King, a super deathbed with both price and size

The king size bed is 194 cm × 195 cm and it is about 2 m square, but there is a super huge bed that makes it look small. Its name is "Extreme Ultra King". The size is 144 inches (about 369 cm) × 120 inches (304.8 cm), it is like a monster ...

Details are as follows. Regarding the size of the bed, the length of the mattress seems to be determined to be 195 cm. Those of this length are treated as long sizes. The mattress of 195 cm in length varies in size depending on the size, so the semi single is 85 cm, the single is 97 cm, the semi double is 122 cm, the double is 140 cm, the wide double is 154 cm, the queen is 170 cm, and when King becomes 194 cm.

However, there is "Extreme Ultra King" that far exceeds these. Its size is 144 inches (about 369 cm) wide and 120 inches long (304.8 cm). I guess you can sleep well if you are about 6 people.

The price is 13,468 dollar (about 1.59 million yen) with a pillow top with a thickness of 5 inches (12.7 cm) in the mattress, the spring set to put under it is $ 4,044 (about 480 thousand yen), the frame is about 585 dollars 70,000 yen). There are packages including pillow tops, boards in the head part, frames, down futons and bed skirts, etc. This is $ 20,3017 (about 271 million yen) here.

We also handle canopies and the like to make the bed luxurious. I'd like to go to sleep because I can do it once at the bottom such as Renaissance tones. The picture is for Ultra King ($ 5777: about 5.93 million yen), but it seems that there are also properly for Extreme Ultra King ($ 74,447: about 913,000 yen).

In addition to Extreme Ultra King, Super Ultra King or Ultra King is waiting for the following sites.

Custom Bed Source

By the way, there seems to be a bed of 15 feet (457.2 cm) by 30 feet (914.4 cm) at the house of Shaquille O'Neill who is a star of NBA. I do not seem to bed anymore.

Shaq's Crib

15: 36 Addendum:
I got an e - mail asking for a big bed in Japan. There seems to be a bed of 402 cm × 320 cm in a room called aprtel in the facility called Prinz. Thanks to that, the floor plan of the room is supposed to be strange.

Prinz / apartotel

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