Game engine to render the entire planet in real time

Multiplayer online game that currently has in the works by only a few people of the staff: the game engine used in "Infinity The Quest for Earth" is, what it with would render the whole planet in real time. Therefore, it is possible to draw the entire planet with the actual size and size, land from the satellite orbit, fly around the whole sky of the star with super low flying.

You can see its power by looking at the movie below, which means that this can be rendered in real time ....
Inifinity: The Quest For Earth - Space Station and Planet Landing - Google Video

Render Whole Planets in Real-Time? No Problem! - SelectiveGamers

In this demonstration, the main planet has dozens of moons, and it seems that each star system is properly constructed on several planets. Of course it is rotating properly, and the orbit is going around. Eclipses and sunsets are also drawn in real time, and it seems that they are planning to be able to render galaxies themselves, including millions of stars in the end.

By the way, this is drawing by the initial prototype engine.

Infinity: The Quest For Earth - Planet Surface Texturing Prototype - Google Video

This is like this.

Inifinity: The Quest For Earth - Planet Landing / Take Off - Google Video

It is a big deal. The official site is here.

Infinity: The Quest for Earth

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