Pictures of various facial expressions from space

It is a photograph capturing various facial expressions from various places in the universe. In addition to the common whole view of the Earth, there are also photographs of the Earth from far away Saturn.

Details are as follows.
Mainly around India.

Northern hemisphere. Is it a typhoon or a hurricane that looks like a tsunami?

You can see that the clouds also overlap high.

Various patterns of clouds spreading over the Azores. It is the coastline of Africa that can be seen in the lower right.

Night per Europe. Compared with the brightness around Europe and India, Africa is still dark.

Earth and Moon captured by Jupiter's aircraft Galileo.

The earth seen from Saturn, copied by Saturn probe Cassini. A little blue dot in the area that went from the center to the upper right is the earth.

Earth seen from Voyager 1. As of the end of March 2006, Voyager 1 flew about 14,777,800 km away from the sun and is the most distant artifact from Earth.

Up of the photo. The white white dot in the center is the earth.

Earth seen from Mars. This is a photograph by a space exploration spirit that landed on Mars in January 2004.

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