The name of the longest living creature on Earth is "Harriet"

Currently 175 years old, born in 1830. I am 176 years old on my next birthday. As you can see, it is a tortoise. It is very famous for being one of the three animals that Darwin came back with, let's see what kind of trajectory followed the trajectory of her life. - News - EXCLUSIVE: THE OLDEST CREATURE ON EARTH

November 15, 1830: Harriet, the birth of Galapagos Island off Ecuador

1834: 4 years old. Around this time, abolition of slavery in the UK.

1835: 5 years old. Brought to Darwin to the UK. Then I went to Australia.

1843: 13 years old. Charles Dickens announces "Christmas Carol".

1852: 22 years old. Gold rush in Australia.

1865: 35 years old. US Lincoln assassination.

1868: 38 years old. British prisoners will be able to bring them to Australia.

1880: 50 years old. Australian outlaw, Ned Kelly hanged.

1945: 115 years old. The end of World War II.

1953: 123 years old. Elizabeth II throne.

1960: 130 years old. Although it was supposed to have been missing and died, it is discovered.

2000: 170 years old. Sydney Olympics.

2005: 175 years old. I get a birthday cake made with hibiscus flowers at the zoo.

It seems that hibiscus flowers are favorite ... Is it delicious?

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