Launched "dynabook Satellite K series" that can withstand 70 cm dropping and 100 cc inundation

It is released from Thursday, June 22. "70 cm drop test" assuming a fall from the edge of the desk, "100 cc inundation test" assuming a case where the water placed on the notebook PC collapsed, as a result of malfunction It is confirmed that there is nothing. It is quite excellent.

With 15.4-inch wide liquid crystal, high speed HDD of 5,400 rpm is adopted. Detailed specs etc. are as follows.
Dynabook Satellite K15 / K10

The secret of the structure to withstand flooding is like this

In the flooding test, 100 cc of water is poured into the keyboard section, and a certain period of time from when the data being created is saved without disorderly is kept for 3 minutes, power short-circuiting and the like does not occur, the operation state is maintained and the data is not damaged It is confirmed that it is. It is only to say that such a test was done to the last, and it is said that it will be repaired for a fee if it fails in this way. It is best not to spill ....

The crucial drop test and inundation test are durability tests in German certification organization "TUV Rheinland Group (TÜV Rheinland Group)" which is well established by conducting rigorous tests. In addition to the one-year warranty, in preparation for a breakdown in the unlikely event, we also comply with the "3-year parts warranty" which is free of charge for replacement parts at the time of repair for three years from the date of purchase.

We are applying deformation and distortion prevention measures of the main body such as strengthening the rigidity of the PC board itself, and we are striving to control the occurrence of failure. In addition, it seems to be increasing robustness by adopting "shock protector" to mitigate impact from the outside and "water block structure" to delay the penetration of moisture.

Although it is for corporate use, there are people who are more durable for personal use than peace of mind.

As for the same thing, it is exactly the latest model of Let's note.

Product Information | Let's Note Y5 (CF-Y5K) | Panasonic

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