I / O data, shock-resistant and waterproof pocket size hard disk release

It is said to be a pocket-sized USB external hard disk that can hold out even if it is dropped from the height of the chest pocket (122 cm) even if it is submerged at a depth of 1 m. The standard retail price released in the middle of December is that the 8GB model is 15,500 yen without tax and the 12GB model is 21,000 yen.

Is it good for use in harsh environments or when you always need to carry important data of large capacity?

Details are as follows.Tough and compact, hard disk to carry in your pocket
~ Waterproof performance test at 1 m depth and passed drop test from 122 cm ~

According to this release, the hard disk has been greatly reduced in size by using a 1-inch type for incorporating a mobile phone, and a USB cable which also serves as a shock absorbing material at the time of falling is integrated with the main body It seems that designing has succeeded in realizing the convenience like a USB memory.

By the way, it is said that the waterproof performance is based on IPX 7 (old JIS protection grade) standards, the impact resistance at the time of falling has cleared the standards of the US Department of Defense.

Also it seems that software such as applying data password synchronization software and password is also included.

This package is like this

This is the main body

Does that mean that it is okay to actually do such a thing

I removed the cable

Where I connected to a personal computer

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