When I drink tomato vinegar, "deep sleep" increases and sleep soundly

It is said that it was proved as a result of demonstration experiments using human beings of Lion and Ota Sleeping Science Center.

What kind of reason is that if the hands and foot cools down, deep sleep is hindered, it is effective if "tomato vinegar" contains a lot of "GABA" which has a vasodilating effect and the relaxation effect is attracting attention .

Detailed reasoning is as follows.
Lion and Ota Opaque Sleep Science Center, "Tomato Vinegar" Demonstrates Improving Sleep Quality

First of all, as a background of research, according to a survey by Lion, the average sleeping time of men and women working in the ages of 20 to 30 years is about 6 hours, and seems that 70% of men and women feel "sleeping time is short".

So, to improve the quality of sleep, it is necessary to eliminate "stress" and "cold" before going to bed. Therefore, as a result of the demonstration experiment that tomato vinegar was drunk, all subjects showed a tendency to increase the ratio of "deep sleep" to total sleep.

Also, if you drink tomato vinegar before going to bed, growth hormone will increase about 1.8 times. In other words, growth hormone is secreted by increasing the proportion of "deep sleep". Sleeping child is the same reason that growing up. Even adults seem to be able to repair the body by secretion of growth hormone, change the stored fatty acid to energy, and expect a diet effect. Furthermore, the blood vessel width at the distal end of the limbs is also expanded, the skin temperature rises, promoting heat dissipation, sleep tends to be deepened.

That's why it looks like the following.

1: Relaxing the stress which interferes comfortable sleep, such as "GABA" which is the ingredient contained in tomato vinegar, before sleeping, and prepare mental condition for getting deeper sleep

2: The blood flow improving effect of tomato vinegar increases peripheral blood flow and promotes heat dissipation to prepare a physical condition for obtaining deeper sleep

Incidentally, beverages incorporating this action will be released from tomorrow. Its name is "Gusmin".

"Good morning" new release

A bottle of 50 ml without tax 250 yen. How much effect can you expect? ... Will it be effective soon to realize even a single bottle ...?

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