Easily nutritious with the natural sweetness of fruits “GREEN DA / KA / RA Easy Jelly Grapes & Prunes” “Peach & Tomato” “Orange & Carrot” Tasting Review

There are many health foods that can be ingested, but there are many that are age-restricted. Suntory's GREEN DA / KA / RA Easy Jelly , a preservative that can be easily consumed by vitamins and dietary fiber, not only for adults but also for children, will appear on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 The There are three types of flavors, “Grape & Prune”, “Peach & Tomato”, and “Orange & Carrot”, and each one contains different nutrients.

New release of “GREEN DA / KA / RA Easy Jelly Grape & Prune”, “Peach & Tomato” and “Orange & Carrot” made with vegetables and fruits | News Release | Suntory Foods International


“Grape & Prune” is a purple package that is the same as the fruit color.

It contains

iron, which is said to be effective in improving anemia, as well as dietary fiber and vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B 6 and niacin).

The juice is 50% and the content is 130g. Dakar-chan and Mugi-chan, the image characters of “GREEN DA / KA / RA”, are looking into the face.

The energy is 71kcal. The content of iron and niacin is 1.4mg, and vitamin C is 10-80mg.

Sugar is used, but artificial sweeteners and preservatives are not used.

Originally we eat jelly directly from the pack, but open it to the plate to see the contents. The jelly has a reddish purple color and the scent is stronger in the prunes than in the grapes.

When you drink it, you can feel the sweetness of the grapes. Both acidity and sweetness are modest, and it has a gentle taste with little irritation just because it is a “friendly jelly”. It may be a little unsatisfactory for adults to drink as a snack, but conversely it is good for young children.

'Peach & Tomato' is a pink package.

It contains

lycopene, which is said to be effective in improving blood pressure, and contains the same dietary fiber and vitamins as 'Grape & Prune'.

Momo juice was 40%, and tomato vegetable juice was 10%.

The energy is 73 kcal and the contained lycopene is 0.2 to 1.1 mg.

The ingredients are almost the same as the other two types except for the tomatoes.

The color of the jelly is milky white like thigh pulp. The scent is also strong, but the scent of tomatoes is slightly felt.

The sweetness of the peach is pushed out to the front, and the sweetness of the fruit feels stronger than “Grape & Prune” because there is almost no sourness. Although the taste of tomatoes is slightly felt, it is a subtle taste that you will not notice unless you say it, so it was a taste that you could eat even if you don't like tomatoes.

The “Orange & Carrot” package is also the same orange color as the fruit.

It contains

β-carotene , which is said to have an antioxidant effect, and contains the same dietary fiber and vitamins as “Grape & Prune” and “Peach & Tomato”.

Orange juice is 40% and carrot vegetable juice is 10%.

The energy is 75 kcal and the content of β-carotene is 0.1 to 1.3 mg.

In addition to orange and carrot, mandarin orange is also used.

The color was bright orange and it was the darkest of the three types of jelly. The orange scent is strong, and there is almost no scent reminiscent of carrots.

When you drink it, the sour taste of orange spreads in your mouth. The balance between acidity and sweetness is just right, and the carrot taste is not so much. The taste is the strongest among the three types, and it seems to be a snack for adults.

“GREEN DA / KA / RA Easy Jelly Grape & Prune”, “Peach & Tomato” and “Orange & Carrot” can be purchased at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide from Tuesday, September 24, and the price is 150 yen each. .

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