Can Gmail really use up to 100%?

Top page of GmailAlthough you can understand by looking at it, the amount is increasing little by little so that it can be used, in real time.

Looking at this,2715 MBIt can be used up to. But can you really use up to 2715 MB?

So, there were strong men who conducted experiments to actually use up to 2715 MB overseas.
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If it is 4 KB per transmission it will be sent 67 thousand 5 thousand and it will be 2700 MB. It seems that I decided to send 7.81 MB of text mail because it takes too much time with this. Of course, it is impossible manually, so I will send it using a script.

In fact, it was actually filled in 24 hours after starting the experiment.

It seems that you can really use it to the maximum, it is a big deal.

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