New compression software "infima" that can be compressed from RAR earlier than ZIP

Currently in beta version, you can download and try out by user registration. Although the trial version is free once, there is a limit of 60 days. Well, I will not use 60 days, but I actually installed it and tried it to see if it really has that effect.
Infima - Ultimate Compression

Compressible forms are .zip, .bz2, .tar, .gz, .uue, .xxe, .jar. You can extract files such as .zip, .rar, .bz2, .tar, .gz, .jar, .uue, .xxe etc. An obvious advantage when compared with ZIP is that it can compress more than 2 GB. There is also an option to show maximum effect with 4GB or more files.

Here is the official website benchmark table.

According to this, in compressing a 650 MB image file assortment

Infima's maximum compression mode: 324.5 MB in 4 minutes 1 second
Maximum compression mode of WinRAR: 400.9 MB at 9 minutes 29 seconds
WinZIP's maximum compression mode: 488.2 MB at 16 minutes 54 seconds

A terrible result. I tried to download it to see if it really will be such a thing.

First select the file you want to compress and click "Ad"

There are various options, but for the time being as it is default. Move the slide bar below to the left to decrease the compression rate but increase the speed, moving it to the right increases the compression rate but decreases the speed.

Compressing ...... Just wait. The extension is ".lan".

Also, since the menu is added to the right click in this manner, it can also be operated from here

And from the results, it seems to be a compression algorithm that is completely specialized for multimedia files. About 10 JPEG files taken with a digital camera, about 7 MB, if infima it is about 6 MB. It shrunk than WinRAR multimedia compression. Also, MP3 files 31 pieces 81.6 MB, infima standard compression to 56.8 MB. 79.6 MB for WinRAR multimedia standard compression. WinRAR seems to be about 1 minute earlier in terms of time, but considering the difference in the final file size, the army has increased toward infima.

Just a weak point is a text file. It takes extraordinarily long time ...... Clearly saying that it is about the same size ZIP compression is faster, and the file size has also become smaller .... There may be a secret of infima 's algorithm around here.

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