I tried all kinds of "Tyrol choco bread" of FamilyMart

Limited time from March 7th to March 20th. With tax included 105 yen, there are 6 types of mushroom, coffee nougat, milk, strawberry chocolate, biscuits, mango.News Release 2006 | FamilyMart
That "Tyrol chocolate" is bread!
"Tyrol chocolate bread fair" held!
March 7 (Tue) - March 20 (Monday)


Recommended Items (Tyrol Choco Bread) | FamilyMart

It seems that plenty of it is inside the picture on the above page, but what is it?

So I bought it today because it is White Day (it is unknown what is "so")

Incidentally, as soon as I learned about this, it is seen from strange eyes from employees, taking the basket at Family Mart at the end of the phrase and submitting six kinds one after another one after another, a tremendous gaze attack from the surroundings I received. But immediately after that saw the tyrol choco bread at the bread selling place, the bad guy who got lost bought four in haste, bought one young man who was behind that one, also bought two uncle who came from the other side Apparently ... It seems I got a breakthrough. You may receive an honorary medal from FamilyMart.

All six types appear

Compared to Tyroleccho of the real monster

There is a difference in size considerably ...

First of all, from "Kinako mochi"

Looks like buns of bread

Contents is like this


When I try to eat, the part of rice cake is pretty tasty. Texture like turning inverted rice flour and reversed. Feeling giving the feeling that the mood also touches the atmosphere ... ... I do not know much which part is Tyrol chocolate ...

Next, mango. When you open the bag, the fragrance of Mango blossoms

I will cut it ... ... Wow Aaaaaaaa! I have no contents!

No, I thought that it might be biased towards the other, but this is not good!

By the way this is Choco ... I ate a mango taste for the first time ... this is ...

Next, rethinking and "Ichigo" ... I'm sorry, why is this too lost?

But as I take it, it will come all the way so if you cut it once again, there was contents, it is biased too much

This is the person of the real monsters. Both of these tastes are reasonable.

This time I challenge biscuits, something sticks to it, it's so heavy

What is this ...

It seems like this when you cut it down, but the contents are still as usual, but as a result it is a top class in the texture and taste as ever. If you pay the same price, you can also have stomach rush, this is recommended

At this stage already full of stomach ... ... It is nausea to see the remaining two breads ... ... but to end it like this ... ...

This time coffee nougat ... Choco packed like a mountain that blows off the past losing, this is a taste better than the biscuit earlier, very tasty, Good!

At the end is milk, after all it looks free

At this stage it finally reached the area of ​​Tyrol Choco Panmaster, so that you can tell whether you are biased towards Doko by the weight of the bread on the palm! Now you can only buy discount and discount!

Aside from impression of being cut off, it became like this ... Although chocolate is biased, plenty of milk part

Quite a bit closer ... pretty ... that ... what he says ......

That's why it is complete. If you want to purchase newly, biscuits, milk, coffee nougat are recommended.

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