Information on Microsoft Office 2007 Beta-1 Technical Refresh

That is why it seems to be an intermediate release until β2. I have not confirmed the terms yet, but this time it is said that some restrictions have been relaxed, so if it is a reviewable convention, I should post it with screenshots. Below is a partial excerpt from "Information on Microsoft Office 2007 Beta - 1 Technical Refresh".

2007 Microsoft Office System Technical Beta (日本語)

Information on Microsoft Office 2007 Beta-1 Technical Refresh

In this mail, the other day from the US headquarters, the sender: [email protected],
Subject: "2007 Microsoft Office Beta - 1 Technical Refresh Now Available!"
It becomes the Japanese version of the guide of the Office 2007 Beta - 1 TR that was sent.

Thank you for participating in The 2007 Microsoft Office beta program.
The 2007 Microsoft Office Beta - 1 Technical Refresh (Office 2007 Beta - 1 TR)
We will be informed.英語)、 (日本語) にて
Since it is possible to download, you access the site,
Please download.

This beta version is currently undergoing work until the release of Beta 2
It will be an intermediate build.
Although some restrictions are relaxed, please continue to evaluate in the test environment.
This release aims at the following two points:

- In this release, we received it from everyone who participated in the beta program
Confirm such as correction of feedback.
- Provide Microsoft Office 2007 that can be verified with Windows Vista Feb CTP.

Before installing Office 2007 Beta-1TR

Please back up your data. Office 2007 Beta-1TR
Since it is beta software, installation on a computer involves a risk.

I'm planning to open / save on Office 2007 Beta-1TR
We recommend that you back up Office files.

The 2007 Microsoft Office file format is currently under development.
Most Office files that you created with Office 2007 Beta - 1
We are assuming that you can continue using Office 2007 Beta - 1TR,
It is possible to open the file created with Beta - 1 with Beta - 1 TR
There is no guarantee. Important files,
Please save with existing file format (doc, xls, ppt).

Before evaluating Office 2007 Beta - 1 TR,
[Known Issues/Readme] (英語)、もしくは の [FAQ]
(Japanese, preparing) to confirm known problems.

When installing this software,
[Product Downloads] (英語) ページ、もしくは の
Please check the items stated in the download page (Japanese).

Injury report etc.,,
もしくは (日本語) まで送付をお願いします。

Product installation key

When installing Office 2007 Beta - 1 TR,
Please use the following product key.
The product key is required to install Office 2007 Beta - 1 TR.
This key is the user who registered or the user's company,
Or to install Office 2007 Beta - 1 TR in your organization
Is issued.
Please do not share this product key with the outside.
This product key is valid until July 31, 2006.

So I think I will download it immediately. Because it was somewhat nice but I did a bug report with Iloilo last time ... ....

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