Fire at the Google data center, 6 fire engines launched and fire fighting activities

In the past, Google's data center faced a fire, six fire engines came out and extinguished. In that case also Google did not stop. Because the reason has multiple data centers. However, it seems that it is not the only reason for not stopping.Peeking Into Google

Google's search server is based on RedHat, it seems that it customizes it and puts its own patch.

, Google's servers boast billions of pages, tens of terabytes of capacity, and to realize that we are connecting a number of servers consisting of inexpensive parts of around $ 1000 It is famous. By the time the search results are actually returned, first divide the collected pages into several small parts, distribute copies of them to several servers, save them, create a master index, and so on In the event that it seems that it collects fragments of pages that became small parts from several servers at the same time and reconstructs them. This piece is called "chunk", and at least two copies of this chunk have been created. One chunk is roughly 64 megabytes, and it seems that three times of copying are repeated. Distributing the same thing to several servers is because the server breaks everyday. Of course, there is also a mechanism to automatically exchange when the server is broken.

Also, Google's cache will be refreshed approximately 1 to 7 days. On average it seems to be two days.

And Google programmers have a development environment consisting of 1,000 personal computers connected in parallel, it seems that they are programming and executing there, and they continue to develop day by day.

Regarding the aspect of redundancy, Google seems to care about using it from the outset, truly.

By the way, what is the cause of the fire, are you searching too hard? As a result, thermal runaway?

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