Headline News for June 4, 2024

' Oni-oroshi Meat Bukkake Udon ,' featuring the refreshing taste of coarsely grated 'oni-oroshi' grater, will be available for a limited time from Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at Marugame Seimen roadside stores (along major roads) nationwide. This dish, which combines smooth, cold udon noodles and thick broth with beef and oni-oroshi grater and a special ponzu sauce to tighten the flavor, is priced at 840 yen (tax included) (regular).

Also, from the same day, the ' Onioroshi Chicken Kara Bukkake Udon (820 yen including tax, regular size)' which was introduced in 2022 will also be available at Marugame Seimen's tenant stores nationwide.

Grated meat topping / Grated chicken topping | Marugame Seimen

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Microsoft releases update to automatically replace Edge with Chromium version through Windows Update - GIGAZINE

New iPad-only OS 'iPadOS' appears, iPad says goodbye to iOS - GIGAZINE

It turns out that what was thought to be a 'hawk mummy' was actually a mummy of an anencephalic fetus - GIGAZINE

Woman driving with Apple Watch gets ticket for traffic violation - GIGAZINE

Summary of iOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS 6, macOS Catalina, Mac Pro, etc. announced at Apple's 'WWDC 2019' - GIGAZINE

What are the 10 dog behaviors that owners tend to misunderstand? - GIGAZINE

Possibility that some influenza viruses may have become extinct due to COVID-19 infection control measures - GIGAZINE

◆ Material (notes and other miscellaneous items)

A video of a bay with an angled shaft going wild - Nico Nico Douga

Marine who served in Okinawa for two years: 'I will not forgive the Japanese' → 'I don't know' 'Welcome to our side' - Togetter

◆Science (science, learning, technology)
'Super-resistant mosquitoes' emerge: The number of dengue fever infections worldwide is at an all-time high. How can we protect ourselves from the new mosquito threat? | NHK | WEB Special | Medical and Health

Phosphorus, an element essential for life, may have been born in an explosion on the surface of a star - National Astronomical Observatory and others announce theory - Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Society, politics, and economy (incidents, world news, business)
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to inspect Toyota, Mazda and other five companies for vehicle certification fraud: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tax accountants are angry about the flat-rate tax cut: 'The government is imposing costs' and 'It's unfair': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Disposal of lost whale 'Yodo-chan' without consultation with Osaka Prefecture, which is a potential burial site... Possibility of significantly lower costs than ocean dumping: Yomiuri Shimbun

[Breaking News] Personal information of 200 children leaked from teacher's PC, teacher follows instructions in broken Japanese | FNN Prime Online

[Breaking News] Nagasaki City does not send invitation to Israel for ceremony | 47NEWS (Yonana News)

Toyota also commits certification fraud: Chairman 'It's impossible to eradicate' 'We're not a perfect company': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mexico's first female president set to be elected - ruling party candidate Sheinbaum likely to win - BBC News

Daikoku Drugstore sells tax-free to customers suspected of reselling? Taxation by the National Tax Agency | NHK | Retail industry

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism inspects Toyota headquarters for fraud in car performance tests | NHK | Automobiles

China: 35 years since the Tiananmen Square incident, Beijing on high alert, wary of memorials and protests | NHK | China

One in five people say their illustrations and other content have been 'used for secondary purposes without permission' | NHK

[Breaking News] 84-year-old man arrested in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture after first grade girl hit by car

Prime Minister Kishida to postpone dissolution of current Diet session, focusing on rebuilding administration amid sluggish approval ratings [Kishida administration] [LDP]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Consideration of raising the contribution limit for the 'individual-type' defined contribution pension 'iDeCo' | NHK | Finance

Supervision measures that destroy relationships, restraining measures that allow the detention of supporters - How will immigration law change? (Interview with Takahashi Wataru) | D4P Blog | Dialogue for People (D4P)

45% of Japanese people overseas 'feel lonely' - First survey by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support | NHK | Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kyushu and Yamaguchi prefectures as evacuation destinations from Okinawa proposed by the government for the first time in preparation for emergencies | NHK | Security

Why is certification fraud so prevalent across the industry? Is intensifying international competition causing strain on the workplace? | Mainichi Shimbun

Okawara Chemical Machinery requests public comments from competitors regarding restrictions, 'exclusion' not accepted - Sankei News

Chairman Akio Toyoda apologizes for 'what automakers should never do' after model fraud: Yomiuri Shimbun

Vehicle inspection renewals to be allowed two months in advance next spring, with work style reforms also having an impact - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Jiji.com

North-South military agreement to be suspended as a countermeasure against North Korean provocations - South Korea: Jiji.com

Emergency earthquake alert issued in Kanto and Kinki, initial estimate of 'M7.4 in Toyama Bay'... Multiple earthquakes may be the cause: Yomiuri Shimbun

Prefectural officials pay for business cards out of their own pocket, Shiga Governor asks 'Is this okay?' Considering public funding [Shiga Prefecture]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rocket launcher that can even destroy tanks - Who and why? Experts say it's hard to imagine gangsters dumping it in a public place - YouTube

◆ Lifestyle (life, living, health)
Which do you walk on, the left or the right? On the road, 'cars on the left, people on the right'... Why do people tend to walk on the 'left' side when walking together? [News from you]: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

KEISUI ART STUDIO | The 'lotus root kimchi' at Koryo Foods Tsuruhashi branch, handmade by Mr. Huang, is very mild.

A story about how my throat was forever dry while I was at work, and when I posted 13 empty plastic bottles on Twitter and tweeted about it, my followers strongly recommended that I go to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a designated intractable disease - Togetter

When I destroyed the cooler box, the contents were just polystyrene foam → 'It depends on the grade' 'There are models that use vacuum panels' Experts give expert advice one after another - Togetter

I called an ambulance saying 'Blood coming out of my mouth' but they treated me like it was no big deal, but as soon as I met them, they started to take it seriously - Togetter

◆IT/Gadgets (Internet, software, hardware, mobile)

On the Internet, ads are considered 'annoying content' and charges are 'the price to remove the annoyance,' but do advertisers still believe that ads have value? → A debate of both pros and cons ensues - Togetter

I received a call from someone claiming to be 'Google Maps' and was asked 'Please tell me your business hours' ... The conversation was completely human 'The era of experiencing the uncanny valley phenomenon' - Togetter

Supreme Court leaks personal information of 900 people, emails sent with addresses visible | NHK | IT/Internet

What is the difference between this and the Giteki mark? Key points to keep in mind about the new IoT security certification system | Nikkei CrossTech (xTECH)

New Phase @ CineGear 6/5 - YouTube

'This is HEAD^^' 'This is HEAD^2' 'This is HEAD~2' 'HEAD@{2} for reflog' 'Aren't they all the same?' 'No!! Look more closely!!' #Git - Qiita

'Keio' and 'Concrete' are both written in one kanji character ~ A new block is being proposed for the Unicode standard - Yajiuma no Mori - Window Forest

An acquaintance of mine used to work on editing wedding photos, but he said, 'I often use image processing software to erase the protruding parts in a natural way.' - Togetter

Regarding the transmission of unnecessary personal information to recipients of training funds | Court

Even ultra-high voltage substations have appeared for power-hungry 'data centers' Amazon, Google... Why are they being built one after another in Inzai City? Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

About 350,000 names and addresses of Waseda University students available for viewing | NHK | IT/Internet

Discussions begin for building AI data center | Press release: Sharp

Agreement reached to start discussions to build Asia's largest AI data center | KDDI News Room

Dementia risk, early detection with AI, gait analysis, society watching over: Jiji.com

◆Anime, games, manga (subculture)
We will talk about the rising prices of retro games and their future. | BEEP Akihabara

Harsh words directed at the late Hinako Ashihara... Why the NTV investigation report on 'Sexy Tanaka' widened the 'wound' | ENCOUNT

25-year-old indicted on suspicion of unauthorized editing of 'Ensemble Stars' characters: 'Poor treatment of favorite character' | Mainichi Shimbun

[Kyomachi Seika Submission Festival] Seikafes 2024 should have considered its limits [Award Announcement Video] - Niconico Video


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Seriously, this is the first time I've read PokeSpe | Zithromax

'The environment for enjoying plastic models is almost perfect,' and now is the time to share the joy of plastic models with as many people as possible. (Actor Koji Ishizaka) | CEMEDINE Style | Cemedine Co., Ltd.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Minami-ke's serialization, a celebratory illustration by a super-star group of artists is revealed! | Young Magazine News | Young Magazine Web

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Minami-ke, Young Magazine's serialization team has been sending out 'celebratory illustrations' one after another! | Young Magazine News | Young Magazine Web

serial experiments lain 'WEIRD Exhibition' – Anique Museum

The second film in the movie 'A Few Minutes of Cheers' [Released nationwide on Friday, June 14, 2024] - YouTube

Steam version of 'Steel Sword Story S' large update trailer - YouTube

'Rusty Rabbit' Story & Character Trailer-YouTube

'Dead by Daylight' | Dungeons & Dragons | Launch Trailer-YouTube

'The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road' - Gameplay Release Trailer - YouTube

ATLUS Exclusive 'Metaphor: Refantasio' - YouTube

Difficulty returning home from King & Prince event: 'personal responsibility' spreading online - what is the reality? | Mainichi Shimbun

◆Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)

National Sports Festival to be fundamentally reformed, facility standards relaxed and events to be held in separate locations to reduce the burden on local governments: Yomiuri Shimbun

Highlights of the Shogakukan Tanaka Report

◆ New products (clothing, food, shelter)
Father's Day limited edition product 'Brandy-scented Oufuku Rouru' released | Announcement | Sunravian Co., Ltd.

The popular summer item 'Ume Shiso Maki' is back again this year | Ringer Hut Co., Ltd.

EIZO launches its first 34.1-inch ultra-wide curved monitor with built-in webcam and microphone | EIZO Corporation

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