ASML and TSMC point out that semiconductor manufacturing equipment is equipped with a 'remote disable function' in preparation for China's invasion of Taiwan

ASML, the Dutch manufacturer that is

the only manufacturer in the world of 'EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography' equipment necessary to manufacture high-performance semiconductors, and TSMC, the world's largest semiconductor foundry based in Taiwan, are introducing a mechanism to remotely disable EUV lithography equipment in preparation for China's invasion of Taiwan.

ASML and TSMC Can Disable Chip Machines If China Invades Taiwan - Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, US officials have privately expressed concerns to their Dutch and Taiwanese counterparts about how to respond if China escalates its attacks on Taiwan.

In response to this, the Dutch government met with ASML and was told by the company that they could rest assured that they had the ability to remotely disable EUV.

EUV lithography equipment is about the size of a small bus and requires regular maintenance and updates. According to Bloomberg, ASML can forcibly shut down equipment remotely as part of maintenance, which makes the plan that ASML told government officials seem credible.


In a 2022 interview with CNN, TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin said, 'If China invades Taiwan, our semiconductor manufacturing will stop.' It is unclear whether this referred to ASML's remote shutdown, but Chairman Liu warned that 'an invasion would cause economic chaos not only in Taiwan but also in China,' warning China.

TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin warns that 'invading Taiwan will cause chaos in China' - GIGAZINE

Spokespeople for ASML, TSMC and the Dutch Ministry of Trade declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg.

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