It turns out that semiconductor exposure equipment maker ASML was misusing data by Chinese employees

ASML , a Dutch semiconductor exposure equipment manufacturer, has revealed in its financial report that data on proprietary technology was being abused by Chinese employees.

Critical chip firm ASML says former China employee misappropriated data

ASML is the world's largest semiconductor lithography tool and handles almost exclusively the extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) tools required to manufacture cutting-edge semiconductors.

What kind of company is the exposure equipment maker 'ASML' that semiconductor manufacturers around the world rely on - GIGAZINE

On page 65 of the 2022 financial report released by ASML on February 15, 2023, on page 65 on risk factors, it states, 'Data on proprietary technology has been misused by (currently) former employees in China. ' was found.

According to ASML, the matter was immediately investigated internally and comprehensively, and was determined not to be material to ASML's business. However, as a result of this security incident, we may have violated certain export control regulations, so we reported to the relevant authorities and took additional remedial measures.

ASML is under pressure from the United States via the government

not to export or sell semiconductor lithography equipment to China , and in 2023, the Netherlands has announced that it will cooperate with Japan in strengthening export controls demanded by the United States. increase.

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