NVIDIA releases AI chatbot 'ChatRTX' with added voice recognition and improved image search

NVIDIA has announced that it has added LLM support to its AI chatbot ChatRTX, improving image search functionality and adding voice recognition functionality.

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'ChatRTX' is an update of 'Chat with RTX,' which NVIDIA announced in February 2024 as an AI chatbot that runs locally on Windows PCs using RTX series GPUs.

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From the beginning, we have supported 'Mistral' and 'Llama2' as LLMs, but now we have added 'Gemma', 'ChatGLM3', and 'CLIP'.


an image recognition AI developed by OpenAI that enhances the image search capabilities of ChatRTX, allowing it to search local photo data without labeling. You can see how it works in the demo video.

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Select 'CLIP' in LLM.

And then I selected the folder with the photos in it.

Enter 'Hiking in the mountain' at the prompt.

It will then show you three photos from the folder you selected that it thinks are related to mountain hiking photos.

You can also check other candidates. In this way, CLIP will search for images that seem to match the prompt, even if you don't label the photos you take with 'mountain' or 'hiking.'

In addition, the integration of the high-performance transcription AI 'Whisper' enables voice recognition and allows voice input in multiple languages for prompts.

ChatRTX is available for free from the NVIDIA official website. The file size is 30GB, and you will need an RTX30 or 40 series GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM to use it.

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