Apple Vision Pro is clearly in use in surgery

It has become clear that Apple's first spatial computer, the Apple Vision Pro, is being used in surgical procedures.

Apple Vision Pro used to assist in shoulder surgery

Apple Vision Pro is used in orthopedic surgery in Brazil - MacMagazine

Surgeons embrace Apple Vision Pro for advanced medical procedures

Medical software maker eXeX has reported that it has used Apple Vision Pro in a reverse shoulder replacement procedure, in which the ball-shaped humeral head and the acetabulum (the part that holds the humeral head) are replaced with artificial parts, and the ball and socket parts are swapped.

According to eXeX, the Apple Vision Pro was not worn by the surgeon performing the surgery, but rather by a technician assisting the surgeon in preparing for the surgery and reviewing the procedure. With Apple Vision Pro, the surgical team was able to visualize data that was previously unavailable, improving the efficiency of the surgery, eXeX explains.

One of the challenges overcome by using Apple Vision Pro was the Stryker personal protection system, which is a combination of a protective hood and gown worn by surgical personnel. Until now, it was not possible to wear a mixed reality (MR) headset while wearing a Stryker personal protection system, but because the Apple Vision Pro is slim, it was possible to wear it even while wearing the personal protection system.

'This achievement is not just a milestone for eXeX, it's a leap forward for the entire healthcare industry,' said Dr. Russell Huffman, who participated in the surgery. 'The successful use of Apple Vision Pro and eXeX software in such a complex environment underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in surgery and patient care.'

Additionally, Apple Vision Pro has also been used in surgery in Brazil, according to a report from Brazilian media outlet MacMagazine, in which orthopedic surgeon Bruno Gobert and his team at Jaragua Hospital in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, used the Apple Vision Pro during arthroscopic shoulder surgery to treat a torn rotator cuff.

Gobert has used Microsoft's HoloLens in similar surgeries in the past. However, the Apple Vision Pro's camera has a much higher resolution and was much better at handling the bright light focused on the patient's shoulder. 'Shoulder arthroscopy uses a camera inside the joint, so the surgeon has to look directly at the screen while performing the surgery. With Apple Vision Pro, I was able to see the patient's exam and 3D model in real time on a large, high-resolution, movie-screen-like screen,' Gobert said.

Gobert has posted a video on YouTube of himself performing surgery using Apple Vision Pro. In the video, you can see Gobert reviewing notes and checking X-rays of patients with Apple Vision Pro. The video is age-restricted, so it can only be viewed on YouTube.

VisionPro Shoulder Arthroscopy - YouTube

In addition, Gobard also uses an app called myMako during surgery, which allows doctors to create 3D models of the procedure in advance and view them during surgery.

At the time of writing, Apple Vision Pro is only available in the United States, but it has been reported that Apple Vision Pro has been used in surgery in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

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