The world's smallest Wii is here, the size is about the same as a playing card and the volume is only 7.4% of the actual machine

Someone has created the world's smallest Wii, a miniature version of Nintendo's

Wii at 1/2.38 scale.

GitHub - loopj/short-stack: World's Smallest Nintendo Wii, using a trimmed motherboard and custom stacked PCBs

It was created by James Smith , co-founder and CEO of the error monitoring tool Bugsnag, who also works on a variety of open source software.

According to Smith, the Wii he made is 1/2.38 in scale, about the size of a deck of playing cards. Its volume is 7.4% of the size of the real thing, so if you were to stuff this mini Wii into the real thing, you could fit 13 of them inside it.

The homemade Wii is powered via a USB Type-C port, and outputs video and audio via HDMI. It also uses a microSD card to load games and save data. It also has four ports for GameCube controllers, so it can be played by multiple people.

There are instructions for the parts you need, so if you want to try making one yourself, you can do it yourself, but Smith warns, 'It's not for beginners, as it requires some difficult motherboard cutting, fine soldering, and PCB assembly.'

In addition, since Mr. Smith himself had a little margin for error in cutting the motherboard, it is still possible to make it smaller, and there are cases where someone has actually reduced the width by 10 mm. Mr. Smith predicts that the volume can be reduced by another 25% to 30%, but the difficulty of assembly is expected to increase considerably.

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