Headline News for April 18, 2024

Indie game publisher PLAYISM has announced that it will release the Nintendo Switch version of the adventure game ' Refind Self: A Personality Test Game ' developed by independent developer Lizardry in summer 2024.

Games reveal your personality, right? The unique ADV game with this theme, 'Refind Self: Personality Diagnosis Game,' will be released on Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2024! | News | PLAYISM Official Website

'Refind Self: Personality Test Game' Nintendo Switch version announcement trailer-YouTube

Below you can see what it's like to play this game, which diagnoses your personality from various actions during the game.

'Refind Self: Personality Diagnosis Game' play review that can diagnose the personality from every action of the player such as 'picking up items' and 'attacking NPCs', can be played on PC, iOS and Android - GIGAZINE

By the way, we published an article like this on the same day in the same month in the past.

Honda warns sharing sites to delete all 3D models related to 'Honda', original parts will also be deleted without question - GIGAZINE

Amazon releases a lightweight Internet browser with a capacity of just 2MB, called 'Internet' - GIGAZINE

Surprising research results show that gravity can turn into light - GIGAZINE

Satellite communications service 'Starlink' loses communications license in France - GIGAZINE

Apple launches regular deposit service with 4.15% interest rate - GIGAZINE

The Ukrainian military has released a video of a Russian drone being disassembled, and inside was a familiar item in Japan - GIGAZINE

Ubisoft distributes popular game 'Assassin's Creed Unity' for free and donates more than 60 million yen to the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral - GIGAZINE

◆ Material (notes and other miscellaneous items)

◆Science (science, learning, technology)
Biology: The origins of the fight-or-flight system | Nature | Nature Portfolio

The common ancestor of all life on Earth - LUCA | Mitsubishi Electric DSPACE

Unmatched evidence of water on Mars discovered | Gizmodo Japan

From a physical and biological perspective, what functions do extraterrestrial life forms have? 'I seriously tried to imagine what an alien would look like' - Basic Reading

Readable | A new standard for PDF translation, just as it looks

Whole genome analysis reveals genetic origins and characteristics of Japanese people | RIKEN

◆ Society, politics, and economy (incidents, world news, business)
JR Central to introduce 'fully private rooms' that are more luxurious than green cars on Tokaido Shinkansen by fiscal 2026

Family members of man who died after receiving coronavirus vaccine file class action lawsuit claiming government public relations was insufficient | Mainichi Shimbun

Osaka District Court finds defendant not guilty of possessing child pornography: 'Photos leave doubt as to whether victim is under 18' [Osaka Prefecture]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Stolen gold bowl purchased for 1.8 million yen and resold for 4.8 million yen | NHK | Incident

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant Unit 7: Work to put nuclear fuel into reactor halted due to malfunction | NHK | Nuclear power plants around the country

Toyota recalls over 130,000 Prius vehicles, production halted due to risk of doors opening | NHK | Automobiles

UK House of Commons passes bill to ban tobacco sales for people born after 2009 - BBC News

3-year-old girl falls from high-rise apartment building in Hiroshima; did she climb over balcony railing by putting up a step herself? | NHK | Hiroshima Prefecture

Yomiuri Shimbun 'Red yeast rice supplement problem' article's discourse fabricated | NHK | Medical and health

Big Motor acquisition, Itochu and others for 60 billion yen, 250 stores inherited [Evening Scoop] - Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Massive eruption at Indonesia's Luang volcano, smoke reaches altitude of 19,000m - Weathernews

161 Ukrainian children abducted to Russia found in Germany so far - Ukrainian police chief

Kusatsu town council members ordered to pay damages for defamation of mayor after finding no sexual relations in the town's mayor's office - Sankei News

[Breaking News] Teachers' unions and others put a stop to Expo field trips following accident in which toilet floors were damaged due to 'underground gas ignition' | Kansai News | News | Kansai Television Broadcasting KTV

[Exclusive] Fukuoka Prefectural Committee of the Communist Party of Japan demands Kamiya, who uses 'rice argument' to delete his blog, fearing silencing of free speech - Sankei News

Former aide to Governor Yuriko Koike holds press conference over graduation from Cairo University, questions university statement [Tokyo]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, living, health)
KEISUI ART STUDIO | Ripe, deformed red bell peppers look like swollen, red tonsils.

When I became interested in academics Professor Ikuo Kabashima, Faculty of Law

Important points and various types of 'traditional' bunny girl costumes → Actual situation explained by an experienced person 'The bones are hard' - Togetter

◆IT/Gadgets (Internet, software, hardware, mobile)
Using OpenAI's Batch API to process prompts in bulk at a low cost - Taste of Tech Topics

'Trouble with mamachari' Video 'exposed' on SNS: Legal issues: Lawyer points out possibility of infringement of portrait rights and defamation | NHK | IT/Internet

I've been actively using GitHub Copilot Business because I've found it improves development productivity - Money Forward Developers Blog

The Tokyo District Court ordered the perpetrator to pay 2.2 million yen in damages for slander against Professor Kitamura - Musashi-Kosugi Joint Law Office

Bluesky Meetup vol.2 Launch Report - Yotsuya Lab Official Blog

I wrote this article because I don't really understand the trends in the quantum computer industry in April 2024. by Yuichiro Minato | blueqat

[Final] Can the EV Sakura become a power source for the home? Measurement results of charging and discharging efficiency and future plans [Ken Fujimoto's Solar Report] - Home Appliance Watch

Publisher.com and the openBD project have taken the straightforward approach of creating a whitelist to once again provide 'bibliographical records and book images that anyone can freely use' | HON.jp News Blog

My Panasonic jet washer broke so I bought a cheap one on Amazon and I'm generally happy with it - I AM A DOG

Former operator of 'Mangamura' ordered to pay 1.7 billion yen in damages in lawsuit filed by KADOKAWA, Shueisha and Shogakukan for infringing publishing rights of works | NHK | Anime

Damage caused by 'impersonation advertising' to file lawsuit against Meta's Japanese subsidiary for responsibility | NHK | IT/Internet

Former operator of 'Mangamura' ordered to pay 1.7 billion yen in damages to three major publishing companies - Tokyo District Court: Jiji.com

Former operator of 'Mangamura' ordered to pay 1.7 billion yen in damages for publishing popular manga online without permission: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Former operator of 'Mangamura' ordered to pay 1.7 billion yen in damages for publishing works without permission Tokyo District Court | Mainichi Shimbun

Former operator of 'Mangamura' ordered to pay 1.7 billion yen in damages to three publishing companies - Tokyo District Court ruling - Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆Anime, games, manga (subculture)
472 copies of 'production-related materials' from the popular anime 'Strike Witches'... Four men in their 20s indicted for copyright infringement, selling about 10 million yen online | TBS NEWS DIG

Kenmochi Touya is abused by Flynn and has a mental breakdown [Asobi Daizen] - Nico Nico Douga

Animated movie 'Unicorn Wars' trailer [Pre-release in theaters from Saturday, May 25, 2024!] │ UNICORN WARS - YouTube

Spots - ArclightGames Official

In order to complete your own pack of cute dogs, you will need to complete the six 'dog cards' that will make up your pack through various actions (tricks). To do so, you must roll the dice as instructed by the action you have chosen, and place the dice with the specified result on the dog card's spot. However, any dice that you are unable to place during your turn will be moved to your board (garden). If the total number of dice rolls in your garden exceeds a certain number, a 'burst' will occur!

To complete dogs or prevent them from bursting, you need to use 'bones' and six types of action tiles to make good use of them. Of the 22 types of action tiles, only six are used in the game, so you can enjoy different variations of the game and strategies every time. Only players who can wisely and skillfully select the dice and actions will win the game! What kind of flock will you complete?

Anime 'SHIBUYA♡HACHI' Episode 1 'Is this Shibuya?' - YouTube

TV anime 'Time Agent - LINK CLICK- II' 2nd PV - Prologue - - YouTube

'Yamato Forever REBEL3199 Chapter 1 Black Invasion' Special Announcement 2nd Edition [Screening starts on Friday, July 19, 2024] - YouTube

[Limited time/free distribution] Episode 2 of the TV anime 'Astronooto' - YouTube

Machico / Growing Up (Opening theme for the TV anime 'KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! 3') - YouTube

Aqua (CV: Amamiya Sora), Megumin (CV: Takahashi Rie), Darkness (CV: Kayano Ai) / We Are as We Are (Ending Theme of the TV Anime 'KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! 3') - YouTube

'Exoprimal' - 'Rockman' collaboration trailer - YouTube

'BIG SHOTS' Launch Trailer-YouTube

'SCHiM - Skim -' Release Date Announcement Trailer - YouTube

Forever Blue Luminous Introduction Video - YouTube

'UFO Robot Grendizer: Even if My Life Ends' Launch Trailer-YouTube

'Fate/Samurai Remnant' DLC 2nd 'Fragment: Yagyu Secret Sword Book' Trailer - YouTube

Shanghai Summer [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Sticky Business [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Bread and Fred [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Everyone and the City [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Exit 8 [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Arranger Role Puzzling Journey [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Bow and the Blue Flower of the Moonlit Night [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Sagres [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

A Dance of Fire and Ice [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Europa [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes [Indie World 2024.4.17] - YouTube

'Cat Quest 3' - Release Date Announcement Trailer | PS5® & PS4® - YouTube

'Bow and the Blue Flower of the Moonlit Night' Promotional Video - YouTube

'Towatugai' Dominant Tug Character Song 'Sky Mermaid' - YouTube

'Outcast - A New Beginning' Accolade Trailer - YouTube

'Minecraft x Kung Fu Panda DLC' official trailer-YouTube

◆Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)
Former world champion Kento Momota (29) announces retirement from Japan national team: 'I've reached my physical and mental limits' but will continue playing | TBS NEWS DIG

A new committee will be established to consider the future of the National Sports Festival | NHK | Saga Prefecture

Shogi player Fujii Souta wins the 'Best Shogi Player Award' for the fourth consecutive year | NHK | Fujii Eight Crowns

Hayao Miyazaki, Chizuko Ueno, and Akiko Iwasaki, professor at Yale University, among '100 people in the world' in Time magazine - Sankei News

◆ New products (clothing, food, shelter)

Buddies make burgers taste better. NEW BUDDY BURGER | Burger King®

'Oi Ocha New Tea' using new tea harvested in 2024 will be released sequentially from Monday, April 22nd | Newsroom | Itoen Corporate Information Site

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