Wordpress owner Automattic acquires Beeper, a messaging app that brings iMessage to Android

Automattic, the IT company that owns Wordpress and Tumbler, has announced that it has acquired Beeper, the developer of the 'Beeper Mini' app, which allows users to send messages from Android using the iMessage format, which is normally only available on iOS.

The World's Best Inbox Just Got Better – Automattic




Beeper is developing a messaging app called 'Beeper Mini' that can be used on Android devices, where 'iMessage' is not normally available, and without an Apple ID.

Introducing the 'Beeper Mini' that turns iMessage into a blue speech bubble even when sending messages from Android - GIGAZINE

Apple has tried to block Beeper Mini several times, but each time it has taken measures to allow the app to continue to be used. The Federal Trade Commission has warned Apple against blocking Beeper Mini, without naming any other companies, saying that refusing to interoperate with other services is not justifiable if it is merely for anticompetitive purposes.

Federal Trade Commission checks Apple's blocking measures against 'Beeper Mini' that enables iMessage on Android - GIGAZINE

According to Beeper, Beeper Mini has about 115,000 users. The messaging app world has been stagnant since Discord appeared in 2015, and Beeper felt the need for a strong ally with the resources to support them.

In that respect, Beeper says he expects Automattic's history of open source and prioritizing user control and privacy, as well as its good relationships with Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Matrix and others, will help open up a new era of collaboration.

Meanwhile, Automattic has begun investing in messaging since acquiring Texts.com , a service that allows users to view messages from various services in a single inbox, in 2023.

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg and Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky are long-time friends, and even after Automattic's acquisition, Beeper will continue to be operated independently as a division within Automattic.

The company says it will make an announcement once it has finalized plans to fully integrate Beeper and Texts.com.

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