The application ``Beeper Mini'' that can use iMessage on Android was made unusable due to Apple's measures, but it was revived with an update

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Beeper Mini ' is an app that allows you to participate in chats on Apple's messaging service 'iMessage' on your Android device. As a result of Apple taking measures against this Beeper Mini, transmission and reception stopped working just three days after its release. However, it was reported that the sending and receiving function was restored in the update of Beeper Mini released on December 11, 2023.

Beeper Mini Is Back - Beeper Blog

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Beeper Mini is an app that imitates iPhone behavior and allows you to send and receive messages using a mechanism similar to iMessage. Messages from Android devices that are originally displayed in green speech bubbles are displayed in blue speech bubbles like messages from iPhone. The biggest feature is that it is displayed.

Introducing ``Beeper Mini'' which turns into a blue speech bubble in iMessage even if you send a message from Android - GIGAZINE

According to developer Beeper, more than 100,000 users have downloaded Beeper Mini within 48 hours of its release on December 5, 2023.

However, on December 8th, just three days after Beeper Mini was released, an issue occurred where it was not possible to send or receive messages.

The next day, on December 9th, Apple announced that it had 'taken steps to protect our users by blocking techniques that abuse fake credentials to access iMessage,' and announced that He revealed that he had blocked the messages. As for the reason, Apple pointed out that ``it may lead to metadata leaks, unsolicited messages, spam messages, and phishing attacks''.

Apple blocks sending and receiving messages from the app 'Beeper Mini' that allows you to use iMessage on Android - GIGAZINE

As of December 11th, Beeper said, ``We understand how difficult this is for everyone who has been using the Beeper Mini. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope to deliver good news soon.'' I hope so,” he posted.

Then, on December 12th, Beeper released an update for Beeper Mini on Google Play. 'An issue that was causing messages not to be sent or received has been fixed,' Beeper said of the update. Additionally, there have been no changes to security or privacy since the release of Beeper Mini. However, with the updated Beeper, you can no longer register using your phone number, and when registering you will need an email address linked to your Apple ID.

It is also reported that Beeper Mini, which was a monthly subscription system of $ 1.99 (about 190 yen), will be made free for the time being. 'The situation is a bit chaotic, and we're reluctant to put our paying users through this,' Beeper CEO Eric Migikowski said in a statement. We will consider enabling it.'

According to Beeper, Beeper contacted Apple regarding this series of events, but was unable to receive a direct response from Apple.

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