Report that Apple will adopt Google's Gemini to strengthen AI functions for iPhone

It is rumored that multiple new AI features will be introduced in iOS 18 , which Apple plans to release in September 2024. It has been newly reported that iOS 18's AI function may use Google's chatbot Gemini .

Apple in Talks to License Google Gemini for iPhone, iOS 18 Generative AI Tools - Bloomberg

Apple may hire Google to power new iPhone AI features using Gemini—report | Ars Technica

According to a report from Bloomberg, it was reported that Apple is negotiating a license with Google to integrate Google's chatbot Gemini into iOS 18. Gemini can create images and text based on simple prompts entered by the user. If iOS 18 and Gemini are integrated, various AI-based functions may become available on the iPhone.

However, details such as the terms and brand name of the license agreement between Google and Apple remain unclear, so at WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference to be held in June 2024, 'This agreement ``It is unlikely that any announcement will be made about it,'' Bloomberg notes.

Siri, Apple's voice recognition assistant, lags behind newer AI assistants that leverage large-scale language models (LLMs) in understanding and responding to complex questions. However, if iOS 18 and Gemini are integrated, Siri should be able to respond on par with the latest AI assistants.

It has been reported for some time that Apple will adopt a large-scale language model for Siri, and it was revealed that Siri uses OpenAI's ChatGPT in the iOS 17.4 beta code.

It is reported that Apple is testing ``Siri with a large-scale language model'' using ChatGPT, its existence revealed from the code of the beta version of iOS 17.4 - GIGAZINE

It has been reported that Apple is developing a framework 'Ajax' for developing LLM and its own chatbot 'Apple GPT' using this, but Apple's AI-related technology is compared to its competitors. Bloomberg points out that partnering with Google and other AI companies is likely to be a more attractive option.

Apple has more than 2 billion active devices worldwide, so a partnership between Apple and Google could have a major impact on the AI industry. Google pays Apple billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of yen) a year to make Google Search the default search engine on iPhones and other Apple devices, but Apple and Google's licensing agreement for Gemini If the two companies come together, the partnership between the two companies will further develop.

However, the U.S. Department of Justice is proceeding with a lawsuit regarding the search engine agreement between Apple and Google, so if the partnership between the two companies develops further, it will likely be subject to stricter scrutiny from regulatory authorities.Bloomberg points out.

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