Ramen and Tenjin rice that reproduce Tenkaichi's 'rich soup' have appeared at Lawson, so I checked to see if they were able to reproduce the taste of the store.

Lawson's ' Tenkaichippin Rich Fair ' started on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. In addition to `` Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Ramen ,'' which took a year and a half to recreate Tenkaichippin's ``Kotteri Soup,'' there are also ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Tianjin Fried Rice,'' ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Soup Gyoza 5 pieces, '' and `` Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Products such as ' Soup Fried Rice Onigiri ', ' Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Curry Bread ', and ' Tenkaichippin Supervised Karaage Kun Rich Flavor ' have appeared, so I actually bought all six items to see how well they reproduced the taste of Tenkaichippin. I tried it.

Tenkaichippin Rich Fair held! |Lawson Research Institute


Arrived at Lawson. Near the entrance, the Tenkaichippin rich fair is being promoted.

At the ramen corner, I found the 'Tenkaichippin supervised rich ramen' I was looking for.

Other products are also in stock, such as ``Tenkaichippin Super Rich Curry Bread''.

So, ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Ramen'', ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Tianjin Fried Rice'', ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Soup Gyoza 5 pieces'', ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Fried Rice Rice Ball with Rich Soup'', ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Curry Bread'', I bought the Karaage Rich Flavor supervised by Tenkaichippin. This time, I was lucky enough to get all kinds at one store.

First of all, I will try eating ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Ramen''.

The raw materials used include ``chicken hot water soup gelatin with chili pepper'', ``boiled Chinese noodles'', ``roasted pork'', ``seasoned menma'', and ``green onion''.

Calories are 406kcal.

Warm it up in the microwave before eating.

This is what the warmed 'Tenkaichippin Super Rich Ramen' looks like.

The soup has a thick texture, and the moment you put it in your mouth, it tastes like the richest soup in the world! However, if you taste it carefully, you will notice that it is different from the original, such as ``less salty taste'' and ``stronger chicken flavor and aroma.''

Although the reproduction of the soup is high, the noodles are softer than the original, and while the original has a feeling of ``the soup getting caught between the noodles and entering your mouth'', the ``Tenkaichippin Super Rich Ramen'' is It feels like the noodles absorb the soup and enter your mouth. For this reason, while drinking the soup, you can feel that the taste is close to the original, but when you slurp the noodles, the difference between it and the original opens up. Even so, it is possible to have a world-class experience of ``eating a rich soup with noodles'', so it is quite an ant as a ramen that is available 24 hours a day.

Next, I will try 'Tenkaichi Supervised Rich Tenjin Fried Rice'.

Ingredients include ``Chicken hot water soup'', ``Chicken hot water soup with chili pepper sauce'', ``Chili pepper miso with ground chicken'', etc. The calorie is 508kcal.

It looks like this when you take off the lid after warming it up. A generous amount of rich soup is poured over the fried egg, and topped with crab sticks and chili pepper miso with minced chicken.

The contents of the tamagoyaki are fried rice, not white rice.

When I tried eating it, I found that the surface was a mixture of fried eggs, crab sticks, and rich soup, giving it a taste that was quite similar to the world's best '

rich Tenshin rice .' However, since the tamagoyaki is wrapped in fried rice rather than white rice, it has more flavor than the original version.

When the chili pepper miso with ground chicken and the rich soup are combined, the taste is quite similar to the taste you get when you add the mustard miso on the table at a Tenkaichippin store to the rich Tenshin rice. Some of the editorial staff members who sampled the product murmured, ``I wish this chili pepper miso with minced chicken could be added to ramen.''

I will also try ``Tenkaippin Supervised Rich Soup Gyoza 5 pieces''.

Ingredients include ``boiled dumplings,'' ``chicken soup,'' ``green onions,'' and ``grated garlic.''

The calorie is 249kcal.

This is what it looks like when you warm it up and remove the lid. Five boiled dumplings are submerged in the rich soup.

Inside the boiled dumplings were wrapped minced meat and green onions. The skin of the boiled gyoza is quite soft and absorbs a large amount of the rich soup, and the interesting thing about it is that just by putting the boiled gyoza in your mouth, the rich soup will jump into your mouth. The volume is lighter than ramen and heavier than regular soups, so people who are picky eaters will be satisfied with just one cup of ``Tenkaichippin Super Rich Soup Gyoza 5 Pieces''.

The package of ``Fried rice rice ball made with rich soup supervised by Tenkaichippin'' looks like this.

The calorie is 218 kcal, and the raw materials include chicken hot water soup and chicken flavor seasoning.

The appearance of the rice ball itself is like this.

When I eat it, I can feel the spiciness of the chili pepper and the umami of the chicken, and I can see that it tastes different from a typical fried rice-flavored rice ball, but it feels like ``rich chicken fried rice with a lot of oil.'' I didn't feel that it tasted like 'Tenkaippin Ramen'.

I will also try the ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Curry Bread.''

When checking the ingredients, it seems that the curry uses roasted pork, grated garlic, lard, Chinese seasonings, etc.

The calorie is 293kcal.

This is what it looks like when you take it out of the package.

Inside was a yellow curry sauce. It is said that the seasoning is inspired by the ``

Kotteri Kakugai '' that can be eaten at some Tenkaichippin stores, but it tastes like ``If you ask me, it tastes like chicken'', and it has a strong spice taste, making it a Tenkaichippin. I didn't feel much posa.

Finally, I will try the ``Tenkaichi Supervised Karaage Kun Rich Flavor''.

The moment you put it in your mouth, the flavor of garlic runs through your tongue, followed by a rich taste similar to that of a world-class soup. Strangely enough, the aftertaste is characterized by a cheesy, dairy-like taste. If you mix fried chicken with a rich soup of the best in the world, it might taste like this.

The Tenkaichippin Kotori Fair has been held since February 27, 2024 (Tuesday), and 'Tenkaichippin Supervised Kotori Ramen' is 646 yen including tax, 'Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Tianjin Fried Rice' is 592 yen including tax, 'Tenkaichippin Supervised Kotori ``Soup Gyoza with 5 Pieces'' is 451 yen including tax, ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Soup Fried Rice Rice Ball'' is 181 yen including tax, ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Rich Curry Bread'' is 203 yen including tax, and ``Tenkaichippin Supervised Karaage Kun Rich Flavor'' is It's 259 yen including tax.

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