Research facility reports case of remission from both leukemia and HIV, fifth case in the world

City of Hope, a cancer research facility in California, announced that a patient with both HIV and leukemia has gone into remission. This is the fifth case in the world where the same person was infected with both HIV and leukemia and both went into remission.

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City of Hope reported on the case of Paul Edmonds of Desert Hot Springs, California.

Edmonds was diagnosed with HIV in 1988. 'It felt like a death sentence,' says Edmonds, but since 1997 he has been treated with antiretroviral drugs and his HIV levels have been suppressed to undetectable levels. However, antiretroviral drugs did not produce remission, so HIV virus DNA was always present in immune cells in the blood.

Edmonds then developed acute myeloid leukemia, known as a 'blood cancer.' As part of my treatment, I will receive stem cell donation.

According to City of Hope, Edmonds was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation, homozygous CCR5 delta 32, on February 6, 2019, after undergoing reduced-intensity chemotherapy until the stem cells were donated. He reportedly underwent stem cell transplant surgery.

Since the surgery, Edmonds has shown no signs of leukemia or HIV, and five years after the transplant, it has been confirmed that his leukemia is in remission.

Mr. Edmonds (left) and his partner Arnold House (right)

Although Edmonds is no longer receiving antiretroviral therapy, it has been three years since he last received treatment, so strictly speaking, doctors consider Edmonds to be in remission from HIV after two years. In 2026, City of Hope describes Edmonds as 'the fifth case in the world where both leukemia and HIV are in remission.'

According to City of Hope, Edmonds' case is the oldest known to have both leukemia and HIV in remission, and she has been infected with HIV for 31 years longer than the previous four cases. It is said that.

In addition, the fact that ``remission occurred more than 31 years after HIV infection'' was reported anonymously in the summer of 2022.

A man who had been infected with HIV for more than 31 years went into remission after a stem cell transplant, and at the time of the transplant he was 63 years old, making him the oldest person in history to be in HIV remission - GIGAZINE

'Thanks to so many doctors, scientists, nurses, and therapists, I was cured of leukemia and HIV, and I can't thank them all enough,' Edmonds said.

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