Two of the world's first microcomputers are discovered by a house cleaner

The Q1 microcomputer released in 1972 was found in a house in London. There aren't many similar products in existence, so this discovery was a big win.

World's first microcomputer goes on display alongside range of other vintage computers in public exhibition at Kingston University - News - Kingston University London public-exhibition/

House cleaners find two of the world's first desktop PCs in random boxes — Intel 8008-powered Q1 PC has 16KB of memory, 800 kHz CPU | Tom's Hardware

According to reports, when Just Clear, a UK-based waste disposal company, was cleaning a certain house, two ``Q1'' cars were discovered in a carelessly placed box.

Q1 is a computer made by an American company called Q1 Corporation . It was a pioneering product at the time, using an 8-bit CPU called the Intel 8008, with a maximum clock speed of 800kHz and the ability to process 16KB of memory.

Q1 Computer First Microcomputer - YouTube

The Q1 was popular in the 1970s, but with the introduction of the Altair 8800 , it seems to have faded and gradually disappeared. Only a few units were imported to the UK, and there are only three units left in Japan, including the two that were discovered this time.

Due to its historical value, Q1, which was discovered by Just Clear, was opened to the public by Kingston University. 'Developers of the 1970s and 1980s laid the foundations for all modern devices,' said Paul Neve, a computer expert at the university. 'There would have been no smartphones. I'm really happy to be able to display two of the world's oldest microcomputers at Kingston University.'

It is expected that after the show ends, it will be auctioned or sold to a private buyer.

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