Play review of ``Kani no Kenka Ni'', an action game in which you control a giant crab, train it, and fight it out in interpersonal battles.


Kani no Kenka Ni'', a sequel to ``Kani no Kenka'', an action fighting game in which you control ``crabs'' that move using physical sims and have weapons, has been released as early access on February 13, 2024. I played this game, which has more single-player elements than the previous game, and has a mysterious modification that allows you to control a ``human'' instead of a ``crab.''

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Continuing from the previous game, Kanino Kenka Ni has an online battle mode, and new features such as a ``career mode'' where you can train crabs exclusively for single play have been added.

Career mode is a mode where you raise one crab over a period of 3 years. Three types of battles will randomly appear: ``Event Battles'' where you fight bad crabs, ``Entertainment Battles'' where you fight against various opponents, and ``Official Battles'' where you participate in a league and raise your rank.

I actually played in career mode. You can roughly understand what kind of game Kaninokenka Ni is by watching the video below.

I played with the career mode of 'Kanino Kenka Ni' - YouTube

The crab is in the center of the screen. A human is sitting on the shell. The crab can have weapons and armor on each of its left and right scissors, and you can attack your opponent by swinging the weapon you are holding by clicking on the left and right sides. Use the WASD keys to move the crab. You can also jump and dash.

Basically, if you flip your opponent's crab over and get a 3 count, you win. As you attack your opponent, the gauge fills up, and the more it fills up, the easier it becomes to flip over.

Kanino Kenka Ni is characterized by battles that are so chaotic that it's hard to tell whether they're strategic or not, and if you're facing a weak opponent, you can basically win by clicking repeatedly.

Also, one of the features of this work is that you can control ``humans''. The person clinging to the crab will fall to the ground with the Z key.

Humans are weaker than crabs and cannot attack, but they play the important role of dragging blown-off weapons back to the crab.

If you win in career mode, you can get weapons, tickets, and training points.

Acquired weapons can be equipped immediately, or they can be placed in the deck and recalled and used during a match. Weapons have a durability value, and once a weapon is broken, it cannot be returned even after the match ends. Therefore, one strategy is to consider which weapons to bring.

Training points are points needed to strengthen the crab.

You can make your crab stronger and prepare for the official match.

Raised crabs can also be used in interpersonal battles. PvP matches include casual matches and ranked matches. In addition, you can switch 'Allow matchmaking with trained crabs', so if you turn it off, you can avoid playing against strong crabs that have been trained.

In PvP battles, you can choose from a variety of weapons and carry them with you. In career mode, there were a lot of NPC crabs and objects following you, and it was extremely confusing, but interpersonal battles are serious one-on-one battles, so you need to use your head a little. Just keep in mind when to swing your weapon, when to push and pull, and just hit.

For those who are not good at PvP matches, we recommend offline matches where you can battle against the CPU in the same format as PvP matches. You can check the actual play video below.

'Kanino Kenka Ni' offline match play review - YouTube

This is a must-play for those who like the chaotic feel of battles and training games, and it's sure to be fun to battle online with your friends using the crabs you've carefully raised. 'Kani no Kenka Ni' is distributed on Steam for 1480 yen including tax.

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