I tried playing 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' which can become a predator and annihilate special forces with overwhelming power, or can challenge a powerful and unrivaled predator with four people working together

Asymmetry of 1 Predator vs. 4 Special Forces based on the sci-fi action movie '

Predator ' released in 1987, which depicts the battle between the extraterrestrial life form Predator and the special forces led by Arnold Schwarzenegger . The type online action game is ' Predator: Hunting Grounds '. It is possible to become a predator and annihilate the special forces with overwhelming force, or become a member of the special forces and challenge a powerful and unrivaled predator with teamwork as a weapon, a completely kind like an asymmetrical battle game It is a work that you can enjoy different gameplay. In addition, 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' is a work of ' CERO : Z (only for 18 years old and over)', but the expression corresponding to 'CERO: Z (only for 18 years old and over)' is included in the article. not.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Game | PS4 --PlayStation

You can see what it looks like when you play 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' by watching the following movie.

I tried to drive the elite troops to ruin by manipulating the Predator in 'Predator: Hunting Grounds'-YouTube

On the launch screen of the game, a group of four elite troops (fire teams) are watching the surroundings in the jungle covered with trees that look like Predator.

The game menu is very simple, and basic play is possible from 'quick play'. 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' is an online-only game, so you need to subscribe to

PS Plus , a paid service for PlayStation.

You can also customize the button layout freely from 'Options'-> 'Controller Mapping' in the menu. If you are playing other

FPS etc., you should be able to enter the game smoothly if you change the button arrangement before the game starts. The camera sensitivity, which is important for FPS and TPS , can be changed from 'Options' → 'Controller settings'.

Playing the 'Tutorial' is the best way to learn how to play. Although it is possible to check the operation of Predator in the tutorial, it is not included in the tutorial probably because the operation of Fire Team is not much different from general FPS.

That's why the tutorial started right away. Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical battle game of Predator VS Fire Team, and the game will be played with TPS on the Predator side and FPS on the Fire Team side. Therefore, when playing the Predator side, the Predator that you operate appears on the screen. The red gauge at the bottom left of the screen is the physical strength of Predator, and the light blue gauge at the bottom right is the energy gauge.

In the tutorial, the operation method will be displayed one by one on the right side of the screen.

Crouching operation ...

Sliding by crouching while sprinting ……

You can control the Predator as you like with basic operations such as jumping.

Not only that, but if you turn on 'vision mode', you can detect the surroundings with thermal vision. It's hard to find someone in the jungle or in a building, but this vision mode makes predator manhunting much easier. In addition, the fire team side can escape the search enemy with thermal vision by smearing mud on the body.

In addition, the Predator can turn on and off the optical camouflage.

When the optical camouflage is turned on, the body of the Predator blends into the surrounding environment and disappears from the surroundings as shown below. However, the light blue energy gauge displayed at the bottom right of the screen will gradually decrease, and when it reaches zero, the optical camouflage will not work. In addition, Predator consumes this energy gauge even during long-range attacks, so it is necessary to carry out covert actions and attacks while paying attention to the remaining energy. The energy gauge will gradually recover over time if you are not using optical camouflage or weapons.

The appearance of the Predator with the optical camouflage turned on from the fire team side is as follows. It is clear that there is a predator in the red frame part because the attack line extends from the red frame part, but if you do not move with the optical camouflage turned on, it will completely blend into the environment and become invisible.

However, if the Predator is moving with the optical camouflage turned on, you can see the slightly human-shaped silhouette moving as shown in the red frame below. However, since the Predator can move around on the ground and trees quite freely, the fire team has to search for it while paying attention to literally 360 degrees at every angle, so it is difficult to find the Predator's whereabouts at first. It was difficult.

The fire team side will be able to advance the battle with the Predator more advantageously by putting out a pin like the red frame part and telling the team members that 'There is a Predator here!'.

Not only Predator and Fire Team, but also NPC guerrilla soldiers will appear in the game. If you approach this guerrilla soldier without being noticed, you can have a stealth skill that can be defeated with a single blow.

Predator's attack bursts into guerrilla soldiers. Guerrilla soldiers are enemies of both the Predator and the Fire Team, and although they can be easily defeated, there are quite a few. Therefore, it is okay to use optical camouflage and stealth skills to scatter the guerrilla soldiers in order to create a place where it is easy to fight the fire team, but it is also okay to choose a tactic such as assaulting the fire team fighting the guerrilla soldiers.

Predator can make big jumps as well as normal jumps. At the time of a big jump, 'What kind of trajectory will the Predator jump on' will be displayed with a red line and a circle on the screen.

In addition, the Predator is free to climb tree trunks and fly around on branches.

The tree that can be climbed has a red line extending from the trunk as shown in the image below.

When moving on the branch, it looks like the following.

You can jump between branches automatically, so you don't have to worry about falling off the tree.

In addition, Predator can select the weapon and gear to equip from the weapon wheel.

Equipment that can be used from the beginning includes the 'Plasma Cannon' that consumes and emits an energy gauge capable of long-range attacks, and the 'Wrist Blade' for short-range attacks. As you continue to play the game, your account will level up, which will gradually unlock available weapons.

In addition, when you shoot the 'Plasma Cannon' of long-range attack, it looks like this. It is also possible to use it with the optical camouflage turned on.

So, when you actually manipulate the Predator and run around in the jungle, it will look like the following movie.

When you run around the jungle as a predator in 'Predator: Hunting Grounds', it looks like this-YouTube

The elite unit, the Fire Team, confronts such a powerful and unrivaled Predator. On the fire team side, four players will form one team to challenge the Predator, but the purpose is not to destroy the Predator but to carry out the mission. The mission content is different for each battle, but since the mission content is displayed step by step in the form of 'Go to the guerrilla military camp' on the screen, you can complete the mission content without much hesitation even in the first play. increase. It is OK if the Predator side attacks the fire team and destroys the team.

The fire team needs to dismiss the guerrilla soldiers and complete the mission while escaping the threat of Predator.

It's hard to visually find a silhouette flying around in the jungle, but it's not that you can't find it. However, at first, I was not accustomed to the act of searching for a predator while observing both the ground and the trees three-dimensionally, and before I knew it, I was often approached by a hand-crafted predator and killed instantly.

However, when the bullet hits the Predator, blood like the following fluorescent green paint will adhere to the tree and the ground, so it is OK if you hunt down the Predator by relying on these traces and pins put out by your friends. Since the Fire Team side is a group of four people, it is not an enemy that can never win if we unite and hunt down the Predator, and even the Fire Team teamed up with strangers succeeded in defeating the Predator.

Predator's Plasma Cannon will be damaged by a flashy production when shot, but it is not a one-shot KO, and it seems unlikely that this Plasma Cannon alone will destroy the unit. Therefore, the Predator always comes close to the fire team, which is a pinch of annihilation of the troops and a chance to defeat the Predator.

However, even if you defeat the Predator, the self-destruct device may be activated.

In addition, it is possible to cancel the self-destruct device activated by Predator.

So, when you actually fight against the fire team and guerrilla soldiers on the Predator side, it will be like the following movie.

I tried to drive the elite troops to ruin by manipulating the Predator in 'Predator: Hunting Grounds'-YouTube

When you actually play it, movie fans should be deeply moved just because you can control the Predator that can use powerful weapons such as plasma cannon, optical camouflage, and thermal vision as you like. You can freely fly around the jungle and use various weapons to attack elite troops, so it is good for people who are not familiar with FPS, who want to enjoy exhilarating action, and when playing solo, enjoy the game on the Predator side. that's right.

However, when playing on the fire team side, the waiting time until the match is 'about 1 minute', while when playing on the predator, the waiting time is 'about 5 minutes', which is quite long. Is a place to be worried about. I understand that many people want to play Predator, but they have to play several times to learn the rules and characteristics of the game, so each time there is a waiting time of about 5 minutes. Was stressful. On the contrary, the fire team side can match crisply and can play against each other, and you can easily experience the thrill of being attacked by Predator, so those who are accustomed to FPS or who want to play with friends are those who play on the fire team side. Is good.

Another concern is that although it is Predator VS Fire Team, the Fire Team side is required to carry out the mission separately. Not only will the guerrilla soldiers make a mess on both the Predator and the Fire Team, but you can also complete the mission and end the game without defeating the Predator, so forget about the composition of the Predator VS Fire Team. It can also be. I think it would be nice to have a mode where you can enjoy the battle of Predator VS Fire Team more purely.

'Predator: Hunting Grounds' is on sale at Amazon.co.jp for 4408 yen including tax.

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