A movie that visualizes how our eyes capture and process what we see

Our eyes focus the light collected by the crystalline lens using the iris and project the image onto the retina to see what we capture. However, we do not simply see the image that appears in our eyes; our brain processes what we see and recognizes it. Matthias Wandel, a Canadian furniture designer who posts DIY videos, explains on his YouTube channel a visual demonstration of the process of processing what the eye sees and the characteristics of the eye's abilities. Masu.

Your vision isn't what you think it is -- see for yourself - YouTube

The human eye is structured like a camera; the iris corresponds to the aperture of the camera, the crystalline lens corresponds to the lens, and the retina corresponds to the film. The eye's process of seeing is similar to that of a camera in many ways, but Wandel says a lot of image processing takes place in the brain to enhance what the lens and retina can see in the eye's details. It is thought that they are seeing more than what they can see with their eyes.

To illustrate this hypothesis, Wandel provides several demonstrations. The image below is an image of an English sentence, but the low resolution makes it quite difficult to read.

The image below displays the entire text while keeping the text resolution the same. Although the edges of the letters are wobbling, you can see that it has become much easier to read. Mr. Wandel says, ``I think the brain's ability to understand images is activated and restores a state close to its original state.'' Additionally, depending on the type of lens the camera uses, it is difficult to read objects that are too small, but the eye has the ability to process a wide range of objects, from large to small.

Another characteristic of the eye is that the eye's ability to read text also depends on the spacing of the letters and sentences. The following is 'text with large character spacing and line spacing' shown by Mr. Vandel.

The following is 'text with small character and line spacing'. In the movie, by showing the size of the character spacing and line spacing with animation, it is possible for people to verify ``how much the character spacing and line spacing become narrower before the characters become blurred''.

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