It is possible to regain vision again after blindness

As a mechanism, we use an implant device with connectors that are as wide as a human hair made by bioelectronics, and send the visible image to the brain. It combines the technologies of the past 20 years and is characterized by being small enough to be put directly in the eyes. This seems to make it possible to regain eyesight if the eyesight is gradually lost and becomes blind.

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This is done at the V.A. Medical Center and is the result of the Boston Retinal Transplant Project, one of the 22 projects around the world that regains the lost vision. This implant device does not intrude into the eyeball, but is injected further behind the retina behind the eyeball and acts as a transmitter. This transmitter is connected to a battery-powered camera and a battery that moves it, it can transmit data from the titanium-wrapped chip to the visual part of the brain via the cell to make it "visible" It seems to be.

The effect can be expectedAge-related macular degenerationWhenPigmentary retinitisTwo types of blindness caused by blindness, only those who have had optic nerve cells before. Unfortunately it can not be applied in the case of blindness from birth or glaucoma unfortunately. This is because it is assumed that you have visual receptors that function as the brain and complete optic nerve cells.

The reason why it took a long time to develop was not only to be small, but also waterproof, resistant to corrosion, etc. Moreover, because we had to keep on moving for more than 10 years in our eyes. A version that keeps moving forever will be completed this summer.

Although it is impossible to completely recover eyesight with this implant device, sight to the extent that it can grasp the surrounding environment seems to return. This makes it unnecessary to walk with a cane and it will be able to walk without problems even in unknown environments that have never come. Ultimately we plan to raise the level to the level that can identify the details of human face and various things.

In fact, it is said that it will be after a few years later that surgery is actually performed on humans and applied.

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