It is reported that Microsoft will release PCs 'Surface Laptop 6' and 'Surface Pro 10' with performance comparable to Apple Silicon-equipped Macs in 2024.

Foreign media Windows Central reports that Microsoft plans to release the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 in 2024. According to information obtained by Windows Central from sources, both models will be available in variants that use Arm chips, and the performance of models using Arm chips will be comparable to Macs with Apple Silicon.

First details on Microsoft's AI-powered Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 for 2024 | Windows Central

According to Windows Central, Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 will be available in two types: Intel model and Arm model. Both the Intel model and the Arm model are equipped with an AI-specific processor NPU, but Microsoft is said to be particularly focused on the Arm model of both models.

The Arm model is being developed under the code name 'CADMUS', is equipped with a Qualcomm chip, and is built exclusively for the next generation Windows called Hudson Valley . By adopting an Arm chip and optimizing the software, the Arm model is said to achieve processing performance and battery life comparable to Apple Silicon-equipped Macs. Additionally, Windows Central speculates that CADMUS will be equipped with Qualcomm's SoC ' Snapdragon X ' series.

The appearance of the Surface Laptop series has not changed from the initial version, but it seems that the appearance of Surface Laptop 6 will change significantly. Specifically, the bezels will be thinner, the corners of the display will be rounded, and the number of I/O ports will increase. In addition, a 'Copilot key' will be added to the keyboard that will give you instant access to AI tools. Furthermore, Windows Central reports that ``Surface Laptop 6 will be available in two sizes, a 13.8-inch version and a 15-inch version,'' and ``It is designed to compete head-on with the MacBook Air.''

Microsoft will add a new key to the standard PC keyboard for the first time in 30 years, introducing the 'Copilot' key to access the generation AI tool - GIGAZINE

The Surface Pro 10 will also have increased maximum display brightness, HDR support, and an updated coating. In addition, it seems that the release of a type cover equipped with Copilot keys is also being considered.

According to Windows Central, Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 are scheduled to be released in 2024, with 'more significant updates' to the Surface Pro series planned for late 2025.

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