Numerous reports of defects such as tires coming off when Tesla cars speed up, it turns out that engineers were instructed to answer ``This is not a defect.''

At Tesla, the automaker whose CEO is Elon Musk, many problems have been reported, such as tires coming off at speed, suspension breaking, and axles breaking, but engineers have been told that parts are not being repaired. It has been revealed that there is a document instructing users to respond that the damage was not caused by Tesla's defect.

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

Teslas Have a Minor Issue Where the Wheels Fly Off While Driving, Documents Show

Several fatal traffic accidents have occurred in Tesla cars related to the automatic driving support function 'Autopilot,' but the court cases in April 2023 and December 2023 concluded that 'Autopilot was not to blame.' ” Tesla's claim is accepted.

Judgment that ``Tesla is not responsible'' in lawsuit alleging fatal accident caused by Tesla's automatic driving, but faces further lawsuits and investigation - GIGAZINE

After the ruling, Tesla issued a statement saying, ``There is nothing wrong with the vehicle design, but rather it makes road conditions safer.''

However, according to research by Reuters, it has been found that from 2016 to 2022, there have been many malfunctions and accidents that can only be attributed to Tesla vehicles.

This includes an accident in which the front wheel of a 2020 Model 3 with a mileage of just under 25,000 km came off while driving at 90 miles per hour (approximately 144 km).

In addition, there have been accidents in which suspensions were damaged even in almost new cars with a mileage of 115 miles (approximately 185 km).

Regarding damage to these parts, Tesla issued a document instructing technicians to inform users that ``this is not a defect in the vehicle.''

In particular, thousands of cases of suspension defects have been reported in vehicles sold in China from 2016 to 2020, and even though there has been a recall in China, they are being sold as is in the United States. I was there. Tesla claims that it is not covered by the warranty because it is 'due to overuse by the driver.'

In addition, a man who was driving a 2018 Model 3 when the steering wheel stopped working and brought it in for repair was told that the power steering connector was corroded due to washing the car, and that he would have to pay for the parts to be replaced. I paid 4,400 dollars (about 626,000 yen). The man commented, ``I've never heard of any other car that the wiring can be damaged by a car wash.''

Reuters has reported on numerous other cases, but CEO Elon Musk has not responded to inquiries.

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