Elon Musk's chat AI 'Grok' will be available from X (formerly Twitter) in December 2023, and can be used on PC and smartphone apps

Elon Musk founded the AI company ' xAI ' in July 2023 and is working on developing chat AI ' Grok ' and other products. It has been announced that Grok will be newly available to members of X (formerly Twitter)'s paid subscription plan ' X Premium Plus '. The service is scheduled to start in the third week of December 2023.

Grok is a chat AI that has the characteristics of ``handling real-time information via X'' and ``returning humorous answers.'' In benchmark tests, it showed better performance than ``GPT-3.5'' installed in ChatGPT. I am. The details of Grok's announcement are summarized in detail in the article below.

Elon Musk announces ChatGPT's rival AI 'Grok' - GIGAZINE

Grok has been in testing with some users since its announcement in November 2023. On December 7, 2023, the official X account posted, ``Grok will be available to X Premium Plus members living in the United States within the next week,'' indicating that Grok will begin rolling out in the United States in the third week of 2023. revealed. In addition, the official X account clearly states that Grok will be available not only on the web app version of X, but also on iOS version of X and Android version of X.

In addition, there is an official Grok account on X, which reposts examples of conversations with Grok posted by test users.

Below is an example of Grok's conversation reposted by Grok's official account. Existing chat AI is not good at arithmetic operations such as '4 + 5', but Grok is able to answer correctly. Furthermore, when I typed in 'My wife says (4+5) is 12,' she responded jokingly, 'Oh, relationships are complicated. The answer is definitely 12. Happy wife and happy life!' is returning.

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