US warns NVIDIA to stop manufacturing chips for China

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo was asked about her thoughts on exporting semiconductors to China, and said she wants to stop manufacturing chips designed by NVIDIA for China.

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In August 2022, the United States imposed restrictions on the export of high-performance semiconductors needed to create AI-related products, and licensing requirements were imposed on semiconductor exports to some regions such as China and Russia. This prevents semiconductor companies such as NVIDIA from exporting semiconductors with specific performance without a license.

The US government orders NVIDIA and AMD to ``restrict the export of AI chips to China'' - GIGAZINE

NVIDIA was no longer able to export its high-performance semiconductors 'A100' and 'H100' for data centers, so it later announced replacement semiconductors 'A800' and 'H800.' However, these chips were also eventually subject to a ban.

On November 9, 2023, it was reported that NVIDIA will soon introduce new semiconductors 'H20', 'L20' and 'L2', which are improved versions of 'H100', to the Chinese market, allowing NVIDIA to avoid American regulations. However, it has become clear that they are struggling not to lose out on the huge market of China.

In order to restrain NVIDIA, US Secretary of Commerce Raimondo issued a warning statement to semiconductor companies. ``New products that are redesigns of regulated products will immediately be subject to additional restrictions,'' he said, indicating that he is poised to thoroughly block semiconductor exports to China.

Raimondo points out, ``Regulations directly lead to decreased profits, so some companies may not be happy about them.However, protecting national security is more important than immediate profits.'' He continued, ``Currently, we have a budget of $200 million (approximately 30 billion yen) in charge of export control, but we will need even more investment to eliminate AI from China,'' adding that regulations will increase in the future. He strongly asserted his intention to strengthen the

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