Reports say that NVIDIA plans to introduce three new H100-based AI chips to China within the next few days, highlighting a desperate attempt to avoid export restrictions

Chinastarmarket, a state-run news agency in China, announced on November 9, 2023 that NVIDIA will soon launch new AI chips 'H20', 'L20' and 'L2', which are improved versions of its main product 'H100', in the Chinese market. I reported it. It has been pointed out that this move shows how NVIDIA is focusing on the Chinese market and is eager to avoid regulations.

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In 2022, US authorities placed restrictions on the export of NVIDIA's AI chips ``A100'' and ``H100'' to China. Therefore, NVIDIA developed the 'A800' and 'H800' with performance adjusted for China, but due to tightened regulations in October 2023, both models became subject to regulations.

The US tightens restrictions on AI chip exports to China, making it difficult to export NVIDIA chips - GIGAZINE

NVIDIA is reportedly selling a new server AI chip, the HGX H20, and GPUs, the L20 PCle and L2 PCle, to Chinese customers in response to the export ban on the A800 and H800. ” is currently being prepared. These new chips will be delivered to Chinese customers within the next few days as replacements for the A800 and H800, the Beijing-based distributor of NVIDIA products said.

H20 is an improved version of H100, whose sale to China was banned in 2022, and is said to be more than 20% faster than H100 in LLM inference, which is important for AI functions. Specifications such as memory capacity, memory bandwidth, processing speed, etc. are as follows. The three models in question are colored red.

Hong Kong's daily English newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) asked NVIDIA to confirm the facts, but did not receive a response. 'If NVIDIA approves this move, it would be another symbol of how important the Chinese market is to American chip companies and how far they will go to remain compliant with the U.S. government's evolving regulations,' the SCMP said. 'Sho,' he pointed out.

Due to the US government's new export control regulations, NVIDIA can no longer even supply its RTX 4090 gaming GPU to China, the world's largest semiconductor market. NVIDIA said it would not suffer any short-term financial damage from the tightened regulations, but there have been reports that it will be forced to cancel huge orders from Chinese tech companies.

NVIDIA is not the only semiconductor company looking to do business in China. According to financial media Bloomberg, Chinese media has reported that Intel is also planning to release a new AI chip for China.

Intel has released ``Habana Gaudi 2'', an AI processor for data centers in China, and Intel's new product is seen to be an improved version of that.

Intel announces that it will sell AI processor ``Habana Gaudi 2'' for data centers in China, where export restrictions from the United States continue - GIGAZINE

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