Tesla finally started delivering the pickup truck 'Cybertruck', it can guard against gunfire & 'Cybertruck that towed Porsche 911' is faster than Porsche 911, starting from about 9 million yen with amazing performance

Deliveries of Tesla's pickup truck ' Cybertruck ' began on November 30, 2023 local time. At the delivery event held on the same day, amazing performance was demonstrated, such as, ``A Cybertruck towing a Porsche 911 is faster than a Porsche 911,'' and ``The inside of the car is safe even if it is hit by gunfire.''


Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck announced in November 2019, and it was reported that the number of reservations for 2021 exceeded 1.2 million. After that, prototype Cybertruck vehicles began to be seen around February 2023, and in October 2023, Tesla announced that deliveries would begin on November 30, 2023 local time.

Tesla's EV pickup truck 'Cybertruck' will finally start deliveries from November 30, 2023 - GIGAZINE

Then, Tesla will hold a Cybertruck delivery event at Tesla headquarters on November 30, 2023 local time. At the delivery event, a number of movies showing the Cybertruck's high performance were also introduced. In the movie embedded in the post below, it is recorded that Cybertruck is shot, but not a single bullet penetrates.

The movie below shows that Cybertruck has better towing capacity than rival models.

Below is a movie comparing the acceleration performance of 'Porsche 911' and 'Cybertruck that towed Porsche 911'. 'Cybertruck towing Porsche 911' accelerated to 60 mph (96.56 km / h) in just 2.6 seconds and reached the goal before Porsche 911.

The starting price of the Cybertruck is $60,990 (approximately 9,030,000 yen) for the rear-wheel drive model, $79,990 (approximately 11,800,000 yen) for the four-wheel drive model, and 90,000 dollars (approximately 11,800,000 yen) for the four-wheel drive model with an additional motor called 'Cyberbeast'. It is 9990 dollars (about 14.8 million yen). Estimates can be obtained from the link below.

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