Former CEO Sam Altman, who suddenly left OpenAI, had been planning to start a new company for some time.

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Former CEO Sam Altman, who was dismissed from the board of directors and left OpenAI, is reported to have revealed to investors his plans to launch a new AI-related business before leaving OpenAI.

OpenAI Co-Founder Altman Plans New AI Venture — The Information

Sam Altman 'was working on new venture' before sacking from OpenAI | OpenAI | The Guardian

OpenAI announced that Sam Altman will step down as CEO and leave the company on November 17, 2023. Mr. Altman's resignation was based on deliberations at the Board of Directors' meeting, and he was effectively dismissed from the Board of Directors.

Sam Altman, CEO of AI development company OpenAI, steps down; CTO Mira Murati becomes interim CEO - GIGAZINE

According to OpenAI staff, Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap said, ``The decision to terminate Mr. Altman was made due to a breakdown in communication between Mr. Altman and the board of directors.'' 'This is not due to security or privacy practices.' Ilya Satskyvar, OpenAI's co-founder and chief scientist and board member who is credited with leading the charge to fire Mr. 'The Board of Directors has fulfilled its obligation to the nonprofit organization's mission to build a community that continues to grow.'

However, co-founder and president Greg Brockman apparently learned of Altman's dismissal one minute before OpenAI's official announcement , and announced that he would also be leaving OpenAI in protest. .

In addition, OpenAI's head of research Jakub Paciocki, Alexander Madrid, head of the team that assesses potential risks from AI, and researcher Simon Sidor have also announced their intention to leave OpenAI. It has been made clear.

According to The Information, Mr. Altman is planning to launch a new company, and Mr. Brockman and some senior executives are also expected to leave OpenAI and join. Additionally, key OpenAI employees may leave OpenAI to join Altman's new company.

Furthermore, according to The Guardian, at the AI Safety Summit held at Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom on November 1 and 2, 2023, Mr. Altman told British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is also a businessman, ``OpenAI is a transformative technology. We had a great time and I hope to talk more about what happens next later.' Mr. Altman posted the same words to Prime Minister Sunak as an X when announcing his retirement.

Altman's dismissal had not been decided at the time of the AI Safety Summit, but based on a report in The Guardian, Altman had already hinted at the possibility of starting a business separate from OpenAI. Yes.

Also, according to economic newspaper Bloomberg , Mr. Altman was planning to establish a chip company to manufacture semiconductors for AI. At the time of writing the article, NVIDIA had a large share of the AI semiconductor market, and it seems that they were collecting funds to launch a project to compete with this.

It is reported that Sam Altman was trying to raise funds in the Middle East for a competing project with NVIDIA ``Tigris'' before being expelled from OpenAI - GIGAZINE

Altman is also working with former Apple design chief Jony Ive to raise funds for an 'AI-focused hardware device,' and is also in talks with SoftBank and Saudi Arabian investment companies. It has been reported.

OpenAI's Sam Altman and former iPhone designer Jonathan Ive meet about new AI hardware; Softbank's Masayoshi Son may also be involved - GIGAZINE

It was reported that OpenAI would sell its shares at a valuation of $86 billion (approximately 12.9 trillion yen), but the talk of selling the shares is up in the air following Mr. Altman's dismissal. A closed situation. The Guardian requested comment from OpenAI, but at the time of writing the article, OpenAI had not responded.

Negotiations continue to explore the return of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who suddenly stepped down, with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella leading the negotiations - GIGAZINE

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