Tasting review of 'Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Flavored Yakisoba', a cup yakisoba with a high degree of reproduction of 'Consommé W Punch' that is sure to make you addicted

From November 13, 2023 (Monday), ``Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Flavor Yakisoba'', which reproduces ``Consommé Double Punch'', a standard flavor of Calbee potato chips, will be added to Ace Cook's cup yakisoba lineup. I am. Cup Yakisoba, which was released to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Super Cup and the 20th anniversary of Consomme Double Punch, is said to have an addictive flavor of beef and vegetables. I was curious about what it tasted like, so I actually tried it.

Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Flavor Yakisoba New Release 2023/11/13 | Acecook Co., Ltd.


Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Flavor Yakisoba | Acecook Co., Ltd.

This is 'Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Yakisoba'.

Looking at the raw materials, it was stated that the attached seasoning included 'onion extract', 'yeast extract', 'tomato powder', 'plum meat powder', etc.

Calories are 630kcal per 136g serving.

When I opened the lid, there was a sachet of seasoning and flavored oil that could be added later.

Add hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, drain the water.

Add the flavored oil and loosen the noodles, then add the seasoning.

Next, mix well and it's done.

When I took a bite, I could feel the deep umami flavor of the consommé and the exquisite sourness that was addictive.

If you eat it alternately with Calbee's 'Potato Chips Consomme Double Punch' that I bought for comparison, you will be able to feel the high degree of reproduction.

Acecook's 'Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Yakisoba' will be available for purchase at retail stores nationwide from Monday, November 13, 2023, and the suggested retail price is 298 yen excluding tax. It is also available on Amazon.co.jp, and the price is 3436 yen including tax for a set of 12.

Amazon | Acecook Super Cup Calbee Consomme W Punch Flavor Yakisoba 136g x 12 pieces | Acecook | Yakisoba Mail Order

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