Pointed out that YouTube's ad block pop-up can be avoided by setting the user agent to Windows Phone

There have been a number of cases where users who watch YouTube with an ad blocker enabled are receiving a pop-up message that says, ``The use of ad blockers is not permitted under YouTube's terms of service.'' It was pointed out that these pop-ups can be avoided by ``switching the web browser's user agent to Windows Phone.''

Windows Phone gets some revenge on YouTube from beyond the grave | Windows Central


Starting around May 2023 , YouTube has been testing to display to some users the message ``Please stop blocking YouTube ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium.''

This display can be avoided by using some ad block filters, but according to X user

@endermanch , it can also be avoided by ``switching the user agent to Windows Phone.''

User agent refers to the type of web browser you are using. This information is sent to the server side when you visit pages such as YouTube. User agents can be easily spoofed using each browser's developer tools and extensions.

There is also an extension provided by Google for user agent switching. The extension is called ' User-Agent Switcher for Chrome .' It's easy to use; first, add the extension to Chrome.

Click the extension icon and select 'Windows Phone'.

Clicking 'Windows Phone 8' will switch the user agent to Windows Phone 8.

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