Due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, misinformation is being spread, and X (formerly Twitter) has made it mandatory to link the source in community notes.

X (formerly Twitter) has a fact-checking tool and

community notes that add useful background information to posts that may be misleading and prevent the spread of incorrect information. It is now mandatory to link the source of the information you add to this community note. The background is that X has spread misinformation about the ongoing conflict between the Islamic fundamentalist organization Hamas and Israel.

X now requires community fact checks to include sources

A guide to the EU probe of Israel-Hamas disinformation on Elon Musk's X - Vox

On October 18, 2023, @CommunityNotes , one of the official accounts of That's because we create Community Notes so they can be easily verified by viewers and raters. Starting today, Community Notes must include a source. Some helpful Community Notes are essentially Previously, we didn't require sources to be cited because we don't require them, e.g. mentioning details about the post or the media it contains.However, this is not common. Therefore, we believe the impact of requiring source attribution will be positive. A community note explaining why additional context is not required will continue to not require source attribution.'

The screenshot attached to @CommunityNotes' post shows a warning 'Your note doesn't include a source' at the bottom of the text box where you write a community note. Sentences have been added. In addition, between this warning and the text box, there is also a gray text that says ``Link to external source required.''

It has been pointed out that this may be due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. In fact, a large amount of disinformation and misinformation regarding the attack on Israel by Hamas that occurred on October 7, 2023, and the conflict between Hamas and the Israeli army was spread on X.

X (Twitter) is flooded with false information about the ``Palestinian-Israeli war,'' and even unrelated videos and game footage are spreading - GIGAZINE

The European Union (EU) is also concerned about the spread of disinformation and misinformation on X, and has begun an investigation into X's response.

The EU launches its first investigation against X (formerly Twitter) based on the Digital Services Act, over hosting of false information related to Hamas's attack on Israel - GIGAZINE

Regarding X's community notes, some have pointed out that ``So far, X's community notes have been inadequate in various ways in dealing with misinformation regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas.''

Community Notes and war crimes - Conspirador Norteño

Data scientist Conspirador Norteño pointed out that the amount of misinformation posted on X about Israel/Hamas has overwhelmed the group of volunteers who add community notes. Furthermore, regarding the fact that most of the users who spread misinformation on X are I guess it's because they will be able to earn more revenue.'

The content and evaluation history of community notes can be downloaded and analyzed , and Mr. Norteño analyzed this and found 4,008 English community notes attached to posts related to Israel and Hamas up to October 12, 2023. Of these, only 438 community notes (approximately 11%) were rated as 'useful.'

In addition to this, Norteño points out that X blocks access to the API with an expensive paywall. If you have access to the API, you can easily obtain useful data such as the total number of posts that include conflict-related keywords, but the use of the API requires a large usage fee, so it is difficult for data scientists to do so. The current situation is that it is difficult to obtain the information necessary to analyze X's posted data.

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